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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, here I am with my last project, a MiG-23BN attack-fighter of the Czech Air Force during the early 1990s. The following is what I need on kit and accessories in 1/32 to start: MiG-23MF Trumpeter kit HpH MiG-23BN resin conversion set Two Mikes resin cockpit set for MiG-23MF Eduard Colored PE interior set for MiG-23MF Eduard PE exterior ser for MiG-23MF Quickboost resin airscoops for MiG-23MF Quickboost resin ventral fin for MiG-23BN Quickboost resin FOD covers for MiG-23 Aires resin undercarriage bays for MiG-23 Master metal pitot tube for MiG-23 PM metal static electricity dischargers for MiG-23 It's a lot of stuff... and other parts I will have to build from scratch. Starting from the cockpit, as usual: the Two Mikes resin set is a direct replacement of the kit parts, so the only effort is to remove the casting resin parts to have a good fit with the fuselage parts and the resin front undercarriage bay. Another matter is for the front Instrument Panel: starting from the Eduard PE part I have to make a sandwich using bezels and switchs from various Reheat PE sheet. Here the result. For the Russian cockpit torquise color I'm using the AK Real Colors RC206 reference. It's perfect to match the Eduard pre-painted parts. It's my first time with the AK Real Colors and they are very good to be used with brush and also airbrush thinned with Tamiya acrylic thinner. All the details are brush panted with Vallejo and AK Colors. Spare instrument decals complete the job. Fitting the cockpit and the front undercarriage bay inside the front fuselage parts of the HpH set is not a problem, but I have to to a lot of dry-fitting of the HpH resin parts to match and align them. CA glue is a must here together with Tamiya epoxy putty. Some recessed panels has to be rescribed. ...
  2. Hi, Few days ago I finished my sixth model in 1:32 and as it was A-10 it also was a fourth plane is US markings that's why I decided to go to the east and choose one of the former USSR planes. I have Su-27 but I'm not ready to it yet, also Su-25 was not a good choose as I just finish CAS plane. So the choice was simple: MiG-23MLD. In quite a big box half of sprues is for armament - various missiles, bombs, gun pods, fuel tanks etc but MLD was an ultimate fighter so mostly air to air missiles were carried. Plane have 7 mounting points but only 4 are available as the central one and left and right ones are reserved for fuel tanks. I decide to mount 2 R-24R (1 per pylon) missiles and 4 R-60 (2 per pylon) in configuration as below: After gluing I had to sand it a little bit, rescribe some lines, paint with primer and sand a little more: In the meantime I ordered a Aires detail set (2196) http://www.aires.cz/get/image.php?object=product-photo&id=2287 And also a Pitot tube from Master, Air Scoops and Chute brake from Quickboost. Still I'm not sure about painting as Trumpeter is offering two quite interesting schemes, but in the meantime I found on the wiki interesting photo: Camo like Su-27 and idea for a base. Waiting for resin parts I'm trying to glue and prepare as many parts as I can:
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