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Found 5 results

  1. We take a look at the new de Havilland Vampire F Mk3 kit from Infinity Models. Have already started building it... Iain
  2. Hi guys! Take a bit of time to view this video of a cool Canadian boneyard! Lots of nice and surprising stuff there, and I would love to go pick a few things from that fantastic place! Regards, Alain
  3. Many moons ago a younger Uncle Les wore a blue uniform and performed feats of technical interest on Bous, Macchis and more importantly, on this aircraft: This is the view from the instrument section window above the flight line. I decided I wanted to build a model of this very aircraft ( as I tend to do with others I've taken a screwdriver to..) and to this end I made a 1/72 resin conversion set, 1/48 resin fuselage replacement and more recently, a 1/32 one-off. Here's a bit of the story of the 1/32 example in a brief photographic essay: I decided I wanted to build an RNZAF Venom alongside the Mk35 using a Matchbox Sea Venom as a base - I also obtained a Tigger models Vampire but this proved to be rather expensive and disappointing - it ended up being an expensive canopy and mismatched parts that needed a LOT of work. Eventually I knocked up the sections I needed with plasticard and resin using scaled up plans from various sources. My take on the Goblin was using the Matchbox Ghost, casting up new cans and making a few mods here and there... These pics will show which bits of the kit I used and which bits were cast up - I made up one boom to suit and cast up multiples to cater for this and the Venom. I then whipped up a nose shape and vac-formed some nosey bits to cater for both the underside and the bonnet.
  4. G'day guys, I've never really had much of a look at the group build section of this forum, but seeing as my next project is a conversion of Revell's Sea Venom to a RAAF T.35 Vampire, I figured this would be as good a time as any to start. This is the two seat version, so I figured that seeing as the Sea Venom was developed from the Vampire, it shouldn't in theory be too hard to go back the other way. I threw out the box top a fair while ago, but for those who haven't seen the kit, it's certainly no modern marvel of kit engineering. I'm not sure how long the kit has been around for, but have a look at this….. Having a look around and getting some basic drawings, I needed to determine what to throw out and what to keep. The throw out pile got pretty big, which I'm confident qualifies me for this group build. In the end I'm keeping the centre nacelle (although it will be reworked), the canopy, wheels and centre wing section. Everything else will be from scratch! how cool are the seats???? More to come!
  5. Hi all, I've been chipping away at this for the "anything but injection moulded" group build going on here at the moment and I've finally finished! This started off life as the old Revell Sea Venom, which I thought would not take too much effort to turn into a vampire, considering he family lineage. How wrong I was. All I could actually use of the kit was the canopy, wheels, centre section of the nacelle, exhaust and part of the tail booms. Everything else had to be built from scratch, which seemed to satisfy the requirements of the group build All in all though, a fun experience. I certainly learnt a lot along the way and it's given me the confidence to got the next step further again and refine my techniques, while adding more and more brass machinings into the build, as several masters on this forum already do. I apologise for my crappy photos, I really need to invest in a decent camera and background. Thanks for looking, any comments welcome Cheers, Craig
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