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Found 2 results

  1. I'm also working on the Trumpeter 1/16 Panther G. I am building a late war (Feb 45) version with the early version kit, since the late version only comes with the steel wheels. To do this, I am adding the following from the late version kit: —crew heater (added after Oct 44) —flame dampener exhausts —late idlers (only the Daimler Benz Panthers kept the early idlers late war) —one set of steel wheels Fortunately the early version includes the chin mantlet option (introduced Sept 44) already. Now, I did mess up when I contacted Trumpeter's customer service by ordering only one sprue of the late idlers, so I have only one! I'm hoping that I can order another from them, but if not I will get two of the Heng Long version on E-bay. For references I have "Achtung Panzer 4" which has some really nice drawings, and various web sources. My emphasis will be the exterior, but I won't completely ignore the inside, so I've purchased some Archer stencils and Tamiya Fine Red Primer. Late war there are some really eye-catching (at least for me) schemes to choose from: the brown diagonal bands with dunkelbelb stripes over a green base painted on some MNH Panthers, the brown splotches over a green base painted on some MAN Panthers, or the tight elaborate brown and dunkelgelb splotches over a green base on some MAN and Daimler Benz Panthers. The latter is what I am selecting, a last steel wheel version built by the MAN factory: (shown for reference purposes only) So far I have built the suspension, the transmission, and the engine. The detail is amazing, and so far I've only added the shield that protects the radio operator from the shock absorber. Note that for late war Panthers the rear two shock absorbers were removed, and the hole left in the bulkhead on the right side is replaced by a steel plate. Since I am building a Feb 45 version, the interior hull will be painted with red primer only (starting October 44 the complete interior was painted this color until February 45 when the turret interior was again white, allegedly due to complaints from crew members about visibility). Here's where I'm at so far: Cheers, Tom
  2. Picked up this lovely little (big) kitty early this morning, I have wanted one of these forever and now I finally have one! For those who don't know, this is a full option model, RC with sound. lights. effects etc. CLEAR the bench, I'm goin in! Paul
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