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Found 8 results

  1. I've always loved the look of the F-4EJ Kai and the various colorful markings it carried. However, this stands out for me: So when Zoukei Mura, one of my favorite kit manufacturers, released the Kai it was just a matter of time until I would work on this kit. Then DN Models released not only a canopy mask set, but a mask for the 50th Anniversary markings. I do have a Silhouette craft cutter and was prepared to make my own masks, but this saves a lot of time. Along with notes from Alex's excellent build, here is what I will bring to the build: Aside from the DN Models masks, I will be using the very good DXM decals for the 8 Squadron SEA camouflage, the Kits World seatbelts (haven't tried these before, fingers crossed), and the Royale Resin wheels. The kit is my first 1/48 build by ZM, and so far I've been impressed with the fit and finish. It does lack seatbelts for the seats, but on the other hand it includes mirrors which both the Tamiya Tomcats and F-4B kits lack. Speaking of comparisons, here are both cockpits. I used the ZM decals and the Quinta set for the Tamiya kit: For the decals I used MicroSol/Set and a moistened Q-Tip. I then sprayed the cockpit with a flat coat, then picked out the dials with Modge Podge Super Gloss-Brilliant. I'd say the two cockpits are broadly comparable (the Quinta set is definitely more detailed). In any case, I'm happy with the ZM kit so far. Here's a pic with the seats, which are a work in progress: And the cockpit added to the right fuselage: I'm now working on the seats and starting on the belts. Until next time! Cheers, Tom
  2. Spotted Ass Ape (front ship) This ship had extra external lights so might be a good excuse for some fibre-optix/leds. Am being assembled, B17 brassin wheels, B17 armament set, HGW fabric belts. DN model mask set just ordered
  3. Hey everybody! New set out - AH-1Z for Academy newest release in 35th scale. Features exterior and interior canopy masks and substitutes for most of the insignia included in the kit.
  4. Hey guys! New set out for Liberator builders. Click on the image to go directly to it.
  5. New mask set out. For LSP Lancaster from HK Models, substitute for decals included in #01E010 Canopy set on the way - soon.
  6. Christmas SALE! 20% Percent OFF on ALL items in the next 48 Hours. Use CHRISTMAS20 code on CheckOut! www.dnmodels.com
  7. Bumped onto this in YouTube: https://youtu.be/HZ6mr8wAW5E This guy did a great job with DN Models' masks. Glad to have videos like that viral. Shows how things can be done the easy way.
  8. Thanx to Starfighter Jock and Red Dog and their help this set is ready and out for sale. Hopefully soon you will see StarfighterJock using those in his project. Very beautiful camo-scheme for Tamiya 32nd scale kits. https://dnmodels.com/product/camouflage-paint-masks-for-f-16-blizzard-aggressor-132/
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