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Found 4 results

  1. Dear forum members and our modeller friends; As TANMODEL we are very pleased to announce our new project to you. We completed the 3D design of 1/32 scale Sukhoi Su-33 project that we have been working on for about 8 months and is ready to start production. We would like to thank our modelling engineering consultant Mr. Cumali AYGUN (Turkey) who provided support to Tanmodel's specialized design team, especially our SU-33 expert Mr. Hakan OKAY (Turkey), Vladimir NAZAROV (Russia) who checked our design during the creation of our design. The specifications of our kit are provided below. We will share the details of our kit with you in LSP forum same time tomorrow and we would like to answer your questions. We hope you will like our project as well. Our other 1/32 project will of course be as much detailed as this project. You can follow the news about our project from the first issue of SAM magazine to be published and you can read our interview about our SU-33 project on the website of Doogsmodels. We would like to thank Mr. Gary HATCHER from Scale Aircraft Modelling (SAM) magazine who is the editor of our media sponsor and our friend Matt McDougall for his tremendous support. Specifications : - ONE PIECE INTAKES (The biggest and one piece Intake in the industry will be in our SU-33 kit) - 61 Parts Huge P.E. Fret - Foldable wing option - Movable Canard, Slat, Flap, Aileron, Rudder, Horizontal Stabilizer parts - Open-Closed Refueling Probe - Open-Closed Canopy, Airbrake, Tail Radar parts - Detailed Cockpit and Canopy parts - 8x R-27, 4x R-73 Missile and Pod parts - 9 Options Pylon parts - Precise Panel Lines and Rivet details - Slider-Mould Nozzle parts - Modeller-friendly Part breakdowns Regards, (Mr.) Baris TANSOY Owner and Founder of TANMODELâ„¢ Plastic Model Kits Ltd. TANMODELâ„¢ Plastic Model Kits Ltd.
  2. Hello! Another recent release on RESIN2detail.com -- this is a set of main wheels for the late-mark Spitfire which has three spokes, as opposed to the more commonly seen 4-spoke variant. The tread is the box-type and is finely and delicately replicated on the outer surface. The side walls have the Dunlop manufacturer label and the rims are separate from the tire to facilitate easier painting. The rear rims have the air hose stub. Available for purchase on my site for only $6.49 USD per set (plus shipping), by clicking HERE!
  3. Hello! New arrival on RESIN2detail.com -- Su-25 "Frogfoot" wheel Superdetail set (for Trumpeter kit). Set features 10 highly-detailed resin parts -- 2 main wheels, 2 Main Wheel front hubs, 2 Main Wheel rear hubs, Front Wheel, Front wheel Front Hub, Front Wheel Rear Hub, and Front Wheel Mud Guard along with an instruction guide. Tires are textured in full relief to show markings and ribs on sidewalls. Separate hubs help to facilitate easier painting, as standard with nearly all of our wheel sets. The set is for sale on my site for only $8.49 USD plus shipping -- click HERE to purchase!
  4. This will be the next build for a friend of mine. Apart from the kit, I will also be using the Eduard PE sets for the interior, exterior and landing flaps. He also sent me the SAC landing gear, but we'll see how they stack up to what's in the box (my opinion of metal landing gear is pretty low, in most cases, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt). I will also be using a different cowl/engine. Vector makes corrections/conversions for the M-88 (what the kit is supposed to depict), as well as the later M-88B, which has a slightly more rounded appearance (and more pleasing to my eye), looking a little more like the nose of an La-5....but then again, not really. The fun part is that I'm not sure which set he's sending me. It should be here any day, so I guess I'll wait for the surprise! I'm still not sure on all of the details of this build, but I know I'll be trying to cram as much of the five or six sheets of PE into it as I possibly can (and hopefully maintain my sanity!). The paint scheme and markings have yet to be determined, also. I probably won't be using the kit's decals on this one. As much as I like Zvezda's kits, and this one seems to have real potential, especially with all the PE additions, I really don't like their decals and don't want to let it down by using them. Given that most of the markings on these planes are rather simplistic, masking/painting them shouldn't be too difficult. In any case, I'll post more details as I figure out exactly where I'm heading with this. I just wanted to get this thread started, so that when the time comes to start building, I can get to posting the pictures and details, right away. Cheers! John
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