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Found 4 results

  1. As promised folks, here's the opening salvo to my HK Models test shot build. This kit arrived without a box or instructions, and with test decals that I'm told do not meet production standards in terms of colour fidelity. I have some rudimentary assembly instructions in PDF format, but no painting and marking guide. So, here's a teaser shot of a pile of sprues: For more photos and sprue shots, check out the preview I did from a couple of weeks ago, and also the associated forum discussion. The reason I'm starting this thread now, rather than when I've got some actual progress to show, is that I have no idea what colours to paint the cockpit. And of course, that's where I'd like to start! As best as I can determine it appears to require a combination of black and interior green, but I'd love to hear from anybody with some definitive info. Kev
  2. Hi Folks - My next one! Really looking forward to this as I have a real liking for the early British jets. The crystal ball tells me that I see a Revel Hunter in my near future and also when Iain (32Sig) finishes his masters at least two EE Lightinings …….. Uhmmmmmm going to be nice!!!!!! So back to this one, shame it wasn't the Mk8 as that would be my favourite - might do another at some point with the fab Fisher conversion - we will see. Box pick - think we all know what it looks like by now. Ah ha……. - in my down time on the Hurricane made and finished the Mini-Me that you get as a gift. Very nice little project - made the nav lights out of a bit of clear sprue. Put the ariels and pitot tube on, made from some brass rod and some thin plastic sheet, Also made up some jet exhausts from some tinned out brass tube. As I said nice project and it gave me a chance to try out my home brew speed silver. The close up makes here look very dirty but she's not that bad at 100% to the eye. Right moving this on to her big sister. Nice plastic looking forward to this. I started by doing a dry fit of the cockpit bits plus a quick fit into the Fus to see how it goes together. I am happy to say, once cleaned up, the fit is going to be rock solid. Even without any glue there is no movement - good job HK! I wasn't so keen on the IP as it looks a bit clunky to me. And missing some dials from the pictures I have. So I will attempt to improve it with the help of some very nice Airscale products. First I scrape clean the kit part and scanned this into the computer. Using Illustrator I recreated the IP in line work to use as a template. This was stuck to the front of the IP with Spraymount then I drilled through. This was my first c-ockup as I forgot to mark the centre of the circles on the template - and being to lasy to re-doit hence this Doh. So re-did the template and cut the shape out of some thin sheet. Also you can see I have done a few more - what I hope will be - enhancements to the rest of the pit. Really like these Airscale bezels and cockpit bits of brass - but wow I did find them fiddly!!!!! specially the little switches AHHHHHHH I gave up, as I think, it was the 4 or 5th one pinged in to the extraterrestrial transport portal that exists around my desk. Once pinged never to be seen again! Dry fitting the cockpit. Okay started this one back in a mo with some more Taff
  3. Straight from the box. Decals were a swine! Had to mask and paint the walk ways in the end. Its a simple, straight forward kit, with no major vices. Finished with Humbrol enamels. screen grab upload pictures online temporary image hosting image upload screen capture windows 7 upload gambar Thanks for looking
  4. Hi folks, I've just put together a short preview of the HK Models 1/32 Meteor Mk 4. My sample didn't come with a box, instructions, decals or clear parts, but I thought it was still worthwhile taking a look at the parts. I think it will be a very popular kit! HK Models 1/32 Meteor Preliminary Photos As noted in the preview, I should have access to the remaining elements of the kit soon, and plan to do a more formal review at that time. Kev
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