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Found 3 results

  1. The Kingfisher’s wash is drying, all that remains is buff it up and mate all sub-assemblies. This got me thinking on what to do next: start on the Focke-Wulf Kanguru conversion, or beat the F-84G in to submission that has been sitting on the floor for ages. I decided to do the latter, so here goes. I don’t remember exactly why I lost interest, but a few thing come to mind. 1. I had lot’s of trouble to get this part to sit and stay put in the cockpit. It’s Eduard PE plus kit parts. It kept breaking off. I added fictions bracing plates to give it more stability. I just put it back in without glue and then I remembered: the windscreen will not fit when the part is installed. I will have to come up with a fix. Then there was this seam between the fuselage and the gun-cover. Sorted now. The cockpit looks okay with the Eduard parts. Still needs some wash and Matt-coat, and I have to install the hiney-parts. . I am open to suggestions on what colors to finish the F-84G in. There is an Iranian one that looks appealing in Asia Minor cammo, but I can’t find proof of operational use so I guess it’s out of the question.
  2. Well I'm waiting on parts for the corsair and they're coming from Belgium so...time to start what I'll call a slow roller. heading into summer and the family has lots planned so I'll work a little at a time on this one. It's going to be out of the box. Although you know I'm already struggling with that decision :-) The major work here will be foiling. I've gone over all Foiler and Out2gtcha post on this technique, I've done some practice work, I've collected all the tools (even have my mason jar for bleach). I chose this one , probably obviously, because it has the straight wing and I'm hoping that makes things easier this first time with foil. I started on the cockpit last night. Here's a quick shot of the model and the work so far...
  3. I also decided to participate this GB with a wonderful model of F-84G Thunderjet. From adds I have only Eduard's PE interior kit, I believe that the most interesting part of the building process will be painting, I'm going to use from 3 to 5 different metallic shades to make a panel effect. And here a photo of the prototype
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