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Found 3 results

  1. Jumping between 1/16 projects at the moment. This will be a design, 3D print, & build project, much like my Bushmaster & M113s. The Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicle (CRV) is a ~40 metric tonne 8x8 armoured roller skate being introduced into service in the Australian Army. Not without some hiccups along the way, it should mature into a capable truck in time. This was the vehicle that prompted me to learn CAD in the first place, with the initial intent to convert a flat pack styrene “kit” of the flat top Boxer. Turns out it’s easier to design the whole vehicle. Roughed out the basic hull…again! The lower hull geometry is complicated, to say the least. Only modelling one half at the moment. The lower hull is symmetrical, apart from minor details. Boxer is modular insofar as each vehicle comprises a drive module & an interchangeable “mission module”. The Lance turreted mission module is uniquely Australian. Time will tell whether that’s a good or bad thing! Trying something different for the turret interface that’ll clip in and allow 360 degree rotation. This design has taken a daily session over the five days. When I started CAD 18 months ago, this would’ve taken months!
  2. After starting to learn how to use CAD the hard way, I figured I’d try a new project. The Bushmaster is a mine protected vehicle designed & built in Australia, and has deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali (Dutch service), & Lebanon (Fijian service). Over thirty have been destroyed whilst deployed, with no fatalities recorded. After some mucking around with the CAD, this is what I came up with. Due to the size of the printer bed, I had to slice up the model into workable pieces, such as this. After a little of bit of time, clean up, & assembly, I was left with this: A little later: Lots of work still to do.
  3. Hi folks, in this thread, I will show you some of my ongoing projects - mostly carrier based vehicles used by the US Navy and Marines. This thread is not about the well-known vehicles or kits already available on the market but about the stuff nobody has (yet) cared about. This means: scratch building - using oldschool and 'modern' techniques. Two and different projects are currently in the making. The first one is the carrier based deck sweeper - in both 'early' (short) and 'late' (long) versions. The CAD files are still in progress; the 'early' version is almost finished, though. Early version: The 'late' version looks like this - as already mentioned, there is more work to do on this one: The second one is the new carrier tractor which is being used on the Teddy Roosevelt since mid 2014. This one already 'exists' on my desk - here is what it looks like: Sadly, it is extremely difficult to find good photos and informations about these vehicles. I am pretty sure I have most informations and/or pics available on the net, but if anybody has pics, drawings or whatever of these vehicles, I would be very thankful if you'd be willing to share your information. High-resolution pics are also welcome as many of the photos on the net are rather small. I will try to update this thread on a regular basis - comments, critique and questions are welcome as usual!
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