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  1. the rear gunners position done. absolutely nothing of that will be seen when the fuselage is closed but it was fun building it.
  2. the other side done. After this i should close the fuselage. but to be safe i will make the top and ball turrets first.
  3. so now the other side and that will be the last time i see most of the enterior detail, unless i drop it.
  4. Started work on the aft fuselage. I pimpt up the generator a bit. Gave it an exhaust and some wire.
  5. Yeah but i can online blame myself. Stoppen looking at the reverence foto's for a bit.
  6. up to now it all fits well. When you use all the PE upgrades it is best to do lot of test fitting. some of it will get crushed if you dont.
  7. i noticed the scope is on the underside of the gun. That wont do. So i put it on the other side now. Cant have guns mounted up side down
  8. working on the waist gun. Withna bit of painting and a Master barrel and some PE they will look great. Dont know how much of them will be seen trough the window. Love the Eduard wooden ammoboxes
  9. so more PE to put on I will ceep this hatch open so i need to make the other side of the hinge on the fuselage.
  10. I ageer, I Will be using brass barrels for this build. I Just thought of the fact that the kit is 1/3 of the Cost for all the stuf in Bought for this building.
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