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  1. I recently happened across this, Testors' Decal Bonder. Spray can application, applied just prior to decal application. Anyone use it? More than likely it is a varnish pretreatment to the decal, I don't know, that's why I'm asking. So far, as decal pretreatment the Testors Decal Bonder and the MicroScale Decal Film, could help as a pretreatment to applying older decals. I'm sure most of you 'old timers' already know this, this is for the new comers, myself included. In the mean time I'll keep searching LSP's data base, For anyone interested, heres a few links to product. Hopefully they work
  2. Thanks for some insight, why? in your opinion haven't Tamiya, or any other model company for that matter, attempted it in 1/32 scale. I'll Google the French Modeler, I'll post a link if found. Sparked my interest. Thanks.
  3. Ok, I have to get my mind out of the gutter, 'prophylactic".. Yes, this was helpful, eased my mind a bit. Haven't built a model in 30 years so it's been an experience just catching up on modern modeling products and all the cool models available. I looked around abit after your suggestion, I will order Sol/Set/Film. Thank you and all.
  4. Anyone know of a 1/32 scale Rafale out there somewhere? I haven't run across one, seems odd. Nice looking aircraft. Hopefully Tamiya could put an effort into it.
  5. What is the issue with the decals? Nothing I hope, I just ordered it, waiting on delivery. I figured I might have issues because it was an old release. Worried they may break up on me. I could try masking and painting the 'Nose art', but it would be alot of work. The decals should be Cartograf so maybe I'm worried over nothing. Thanks all.
  6. I recently purchased this, 1/32 Academy F/A-18C Hornet "Chippy Ho". Scalemates indicates it was released in 2003. My quandery is this. Being that its an old model, what steps can I take to preserve the decals if its possible. My first thought is to send the decal sheet out to someone to duplicate it, and then hope for some technical advice here. If I can work my way through this I'll post accordingly.
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