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  1. Hi Gary Parts received today, they are excellent, recommended to anyone thinking of a purchase. Thanks
  2. You could always just build it as is. The IAF used e models and also received both e and f models as loss replacements during and post 73 war. Check out Ed Okun's IAF skyhawk builds. Posts as frogman13
  3. Picked one up today, looks good to me ,even with the rivets ,has a choice of rounded or pointy tail and wing tips long ones or the clipped variety.
  4. Cheers Gary Pm sent re early set and nose and intakes thanks Peter
  5. cheers Gary hope to be in position to order some bits next week, had hoped to get the backdate set thinking it would have worked for early Israeli .
  6. Typical of my luck, getting some funds together for some revell f-4e stuff and now they are gone. Ah well you got to do what you got to do.
  7. Happy days, just sorted a deal on a tamiya f-4c/d complete with some resin bits . Going to be picking it up sunday.
  8. Iain Guess i may have to have a look at the Cosford show in couple weeks.
  9. cheers gents guess i will need to keep a look out for the tamiya kit.
  10. Hi gents Title says it all is there a conversion nose, tail pipes etc to turn a Revell F-4F into a C/D model. I know there is the tamiya version but i can get a revell kit way cheaper over here in UK. cheers
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