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  1. Hi to all we arrived at the final session of this wip after about a year (February 2019). I completed the coating of the hyperstainers by writing all the rivets and detailing the air brakes by building the flooring necessary to house the hydraulic mechanisms. I assembled the landing gears by combining the accessories of the Scale Aircraft Conversions and Eduard Brassin. I applied Berni's stencils and decals (optional) I opacified the front of the wing surfaces with the Flat Clear TS-80 Tamya to create the correct contrast and this is the final work I propose: Scale Aircraft Conversions white metal set: Eduard Brassin resin set: Bondic UV/lamp for landing ligts coating & writing of the rivets on mobile surfaces: and now......the final result: Dassault Mirage IIIc & SNECMA ATAR 9c : Dassault Mirage IIIc version : SPA 94 "Mort qui fauche" ECT02/ 002 côte d'or Dijon-Longvic 1970 Thanks for your attention George for more photos and info: http://www.adventurephotomodels.com
  2. Hi to all this is the third update and in this thread I will tell you how I managed to finally close the Mirage IIIc fuselage Dassault Aviation Mirage IIIc version: SPA 94 "Mort qui fauche" ECT02/ 002 côte d'or Dijon-Longvic 1970 ( Final look) Image published exclusively for referential, technical and historical purposes Before closing the fuselage I covered the wings to correct the air brakes compartment which is closed and not opened as proposed by the Italeri kit MWP (Metal Work Panels) technique step by step: creation of an aluminum panel ready to be inserted in the covering area: Work gallery: After having grouted, sanded and polished the critical parts of the model (radome and afterburner compartment ) I have definitely closed the fuselage: the mockup: Application of optional decals (Berna decals) First look: and ....................................final (corrected) look: Dassault Aviation Mirage IIIc SPA 94 "Mort qui fauche" ECT02/ 002 Côte d'or Dijon-Longvic 1970 & SNECMA ATAR 9c For more info & pics :http://www.adventurephotomodels.com That is all for the moment. Thanks for the attention George
  3. Hi Craig, Thank you for appreciation. At the moment I used only a light pass with steel wool "00 00" to get the details highlited. For weathering with this technique(MWP) I usually use the procedure that I show you below only for illustrative purposes: B-25 J Kit HK 1/32 scale model "Lady Lil" and weathering + stress effect: Nakajima Ki 44 Type II "Tojo" Hasegawa kit 1/48 scale model George
  4. Hi Nick, Thank you for your comment. I've appreciated very much. The reason why teh auxiliary intakes are open is because the model will be placed in a hangar during an inspection and maintenace process Cheers George
  5. I totally agree. I had no doubts. Thanks for the advice George
  6. Hi Alain I thank you for the comment. I have not yet glued the main parts because first I have to proceed with the coating of the wings (which must be inserted before closing the model). I can assure you that I will certainly have problems having already performed tests. I hope that everything can be resolved for the best. George
  7. Hi to all In this update I made a structural change to the model concerning the intakes opened I coated the fuselage with metal wire and colored the ventral panel with chrome-yellow. I fixed the Pitot tube of the Air Master with its adapter. I have highlighted all the details of the tail and the fuselage as well as the metal covered sub-wing tanks with advanced coating technique (MWP) I wrote the new rivets on the model with the 1/32 scale riveting machine and this is the final result: and now, the final result of this session: for more info & pics:http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thanks for the attention George
  8. Hi to all I thank you again for the appreciation shown for this new MWP project. I will post the new and important second update soon. Here's a small preview for more info & pics:http://www.adventurephotomodels.com George
  9. Hi to all thank you for watching this work and forthe interest in the MWP technique. George
  10. Hi, Thank you all for your attention and interest on this work. the first update concerns the coating with aluminum tape of the lower part of the fuselage. Application of Eduard details, finishing and test to fit. MWP (Metal Work Panels) procedure start: aluminum tape self adhesive (w/protection film): Eduard pe set: removing extractors: painting parts: washing parts ( mix oil/resin ): Iosso cream to polish: MWP procedure: rescribing & detailing panels - weathering: Mirage IIIc cockpit w/ air intakes & Snecma Atar 9c mockup: test to fit For more info & pics: http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thanks for the attention George
  11. Hi to all I present my new MWP (metal work panels) project based on the Italeri Mirage IIIc 1/32 scale model kit: I chose the version (optional) ECT02 / 02 Côte D'or Dijon-Longvic 1970 (NMF finished) Aftermarkets: Eduard BigEd: part 1 & 2 Eduard Brassin: Wheels resin parts Scale Aircraft Conversions: landing gears Master (Air): Pitot tube & adapter for Italeri kit Berna Decals: for version ECT02 / 02 In this first session of work: I assembled, detailed and modified the cockpit: Test to fit on the mock up (1) : test :ok - please note the light wash (mix oil & resin) over the aircraft surface: preliminary step of the MWP procedure for reveal all the informations on the panels. MWP: the self-adhesive metal tape (aluminum) belowe the model: The instrument panels: Final test to fit (2): I tested the Chameleon colors on the SNECMA Atar 9c which I then placed on its support : note the variation of the colors ( different combustion temperature) Final assembling SNECMA Atar 9c & support: That is all for the moment. more pics & info: http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thanks for the attention George
  12. Hi guys I thank everyone very much for the interest and appreciation for this work. George
  13. Hi to all I finished the MWP (Metal Work Panels) Canadair CF-104 Starfighter project with an aluminum coating . The kit used is that of Italeri with the addition of some optional accessories and many scratch-built parts. The project envisaged the representation of the model belonging to the 417 SQN. Cold Lake Alberta year 1970 under renovation / reconditioning and rearmament with the Vulcan M61 / A cannon removed first. For the technical part, I found, among others, different interesting photographic material and to which I was inspired, directly on : http://www.canadianstarfightermuseum.ca/ For the contextualization, I modified the product of the Noy Pines 3D Display expanding the three high-resolution images to reach an optimal result according to the actual dimensions of the model. These are the images of the finished work: Noy Pnes 3D Display UHD 1:32 (modified) for more info & pics:http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thank you for your interest and for watching at this work George
  14. Hi hoppie, Thanks for the comment and the note. You are absolutely right. I'll fix it.
  15. Hi to all The first update: Edward Brassin cockpit resin & pe set + Big Ed (additional parts) I assembled the Eduard set and tested it to fit: ok Here's the progress: for more info & pics: http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thanks for watching . George
  16. Hi thank you all for your interest and appreciation. George
  17. Hi to all. I present the first part of the "Red 8" project. This is the Revell kit Me 109 G-6 scale 1:32 I chose the NMF version (alluminium) used by oberleutenent Kurt Gabler of III / JG 300, july 1944 Info decals references: Montex super mask first part : - Preparation of the model and structural modifications for the accessoires insertion - Eduard Brassin: Daimler / Benz 605 AS (resin & pe parts for Revell kit) - Master (Air Master): 131 MG Metal Set - Engine: test to fit - MG-131: burnishing test fluid via MIG Metal color Vallejo & Schmincke "Asphalt" Mussini (oil & resin mixture) + Petroleum essence more info & pics: http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thanks for your attention and for having watched this new project George
  18. Hi kev, it is my pleasure that you post the article on the web site. thank you very much and also for the comment. George
  19. Thank you all 'it has been a pleasure for me to share this work. George
  20. Hi to all I present my latest work Typhoon Mk Ib I'd like to share through the following photos. This is the famous kit Airfix 1:24 scale model in my personal interpretation: for more info & pics: http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thanks for the attention George
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