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  1. What a fantastic job you are making of this, very inspirational.



    If you decide to produce a F3 conversion set, I'd like a set.


    I'd also like 2 sets of intakes as well please, one for the F3 you'll hopefully produce, and one for my stalled GR4 build that's on the shelf of doom, because I couldn't work out how to fix the intakes!!



  2. Yeah nice job on the covers, I like the way you've replicated the folds in the "fabric" very realistic.


    I've toy'ed with the idea of adding the interior of the intake but I think the undercarrige bays and the wing sweep gearing are going to put paid to that.:(



  3. Great start so far!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with the Flightpath Flaps, I'm currently building this Kit, But the FP flap set is scaring me :unsure:

    Good luck with the build, I'll be following.



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