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  1. I think Ninna was trying to help you...but she is a baby and does not have the skills yet....she just wants to learn
  2. I find your work impressive!!!. I want to build myself another F-16 scale 1/32. I wish there was the scale 1/16 for the F-16.... that would be amazing to build.
  3. Thanks man! are you going to add lights to the model ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxVad0O1I0s
  4. Marek.... I'm a new member of this forum... and dude I have to compliment the work you are doing! AMAZING!! I'd like to venture and build it myself... but I can't find the kit for the F-14 in 1/18 scale..... so any suggestion of where I can find one would be appreciate it.
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