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  1. Thank u all guys 4 ur coments of this work... tnks 4 the wellcomig and i gona share with u a new work soon... 2 conversions, F-5 e into F and Mirage V mephisto into a mirage Pantera Enaer
  2. Tenors , teachers and gurus of plastic , come to you to share the last boiler work out the devil .. hehehehe ... I put this last in its discretion an F- 5 E Tiger III hasegawa 1/32, yea a tiger belonging to group 3 No. 12 Air Force FACH chili , which is manufactured model based on a f -5 tiger shark Nose 2 much scratch in this model to let similar to the original , especially for manufacturing sensors , antennas, refueling probe , the ejector seat and pilot something , besides the belica burden, especially derby missiles under the wings , plus the model is completely riveted repanelada .. so it was a delivery and I did only a pinvise and templates . painting , model master 2 tones with filters , pre and post shading , besides the typical dirty in my work , varnish satin cote , with mat cote in areas of dirt ( the truth is that the effect is only backlit: p ) besides dry pastels to simulate dirt. The decals thanks to Orlando, scanned from the model of AFV at 48, climbing to 32 and home manufacture much chatter ... well , I leave you with pictures . A big hug for all from chile
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