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  1. Thanks Blackbetty. Thank you. Rconspit, please take a look at following post in Work in Progress, where I have included instruction how this base was made, it was easier that I've expected: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=42013&page=2&do=findComment&comment=549135 hope you will find something usuful there, if not PM me and I will share some info.
  2. Thank you all for such a great comments. I'm really happy that you like my build. Kev -> Full name is Przemyslaw Przybulewski. Thanks again.
  3. Kev, it's surprising but sure. I'll be happy. Thank you very much for this.
  4. Finished, at least I think so. I want to add some touchups but I was afraid that I will destroy something. Please watch and comment.
  5. I build base for my Hornet, starting from wooden shelf 40x60cm with a piece of plaster board: Then drilled 8mm holes in 90mm trinagles: filled with two ingredient epoxy glue and shaped with wooden stick (the other end of brush): Then layers of 36 grade sand paper: I was not able to get tie-downs, so I made my own: Painted with layer of gray car primer, then black and white, red stripes: Tie-downs glued and painted brass:
  6. Decals, decals and more decals. Common parts: and for chosen painting: And result: It was so far the worst part of the kit. Dry, a lot of bubbles, hard to move after few secs. Even Set and Sol didn't helped much.
  7. It's just too good to be true. Amazing paint job.
  8. Interesting painting. Can't wait to see more.
  9. Main gear and gloss finish: and front gear: And for the first time on it's own "legs": Mounting additional parts and equipments: Top view:
  10. Thank guys. In the meantime I've prepared gear flaps: And exhaust. I'm not quite satisfied of it, I will try to tune it up after assembly on model:
  11. Welcome back after a long (too long break). My Hornet was lying alone at the bottom of the closed waiting for it's chance. Now time has come to give him what he deserves. Model painted with hopefully correct colors cause at the beginning I was trying to use XF-25 on top and XF-66 on bottom but those were just too dark. Finally I decided to use XF-66 on top and XF-83 on bottom, both colors were firmly mixed with some flat white:
  12. I had to file a lof of plastic from both intakes to fit them somehow and after this it wasn't perfect. I had a gap from 0,5mm to almost 1,0mm so i had to put o lot of putty there. After this I had to do a lof of sanding. Then putty and sanding again, next some scribing. I took me a few hours to make them look good.
  13. Cockpit with a front canopy attached (rear canopy is ready and masked): Nose- and main gear (it is really a lot of parts to build them): There is an option to have ladder open or closed, I prefer open: Air intakes are so far the worst parts of this kit, it took me a lot of time for fitting, sanding, putting and sanding and still I'm not really happy with the effect: I have also decided what my bird will carry (I'm not sure if this is correct set): And here is nozzle set from aires. Problem is that exhaust nozzles are about 0,4mm too small in diameter. I do not have photo of them attached to the plane but it is really visible that they are too small:
  14. Thank you. In the meantime... Wings and side panes have been glued: but they needed some attention (main gear wells have been already painted): I also glued front part and LERX wings (this also needs some putty and sanding): Getting shape:
  15. All Tamiya's Tomcat are basically the same. And plane has a mixture of raised and recessed panel lines. Mine is F-14A Tomcat Black Knights. Model number 60313.
  16. Welcome again. My last build MiG-29 is sitting now on the shelf so time has come to start new bird. I was thinking about Tomcat but since it has raised lines and I do not feel like I could handle this, so I decided to start Hornet. I red a lot of good opinion about this kit so I wanted to find out by myself. First I started to work on armament. After finished all pylons, fuel tanks, bombs and missiles I got the quite big box filled with them: After this it was time to build according to manual. First step was to build cockpit and nose gear well: and to glue them together: Next was ejection seat: Now cockpit and nose well are in place and halves of front of the nose are glued together: Dry fit of other parts of cockpit:
  17. Thank you. Nice to hear that. I look forward for your build. Artur, Your words really mean a lot to me. Tim, good to know that you enjoy it. Thanks. I tried to do my best. I'm really pleased of your comment Franck. Dzien dobry Jack. I know that you can to build such bird, it is not so diffucult.
  18. Congrats on great build. I like it. Post some pictures if you please.
  19. Thank you all for such a nice words. I'm really happy that you like it.
  20. Thank you. In the meantime I finished my bird, so here is the link to gallery. So watch and comment. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=41201
  21. It is ready for inspection (I think). It's not perfect but I hope you will like it: to be continued...
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