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  1. I'm slowly finishing my MiG so it was time to pick up a new challenge. For a moment I thought about Tomcat but I get rid of this idea pretty quick. I almost decided for a F-117 but I have no clue how to paint it. This black camo frighten me very much. Finally I decided to switch to A-7. Quite ugly but eye-catching. I'm not sure about camo - I'm thinking about SEA version wrap around which is without light gray belly. I'm also waiting for an Aires set so in the meantime I started from armament. I chosed 12 Mk.82, 2 GBU-10, 2 Aim-9B and two drop tanks. Stay tuned - more pictures soon.
  2. Thanks John. I have to finish base first. It's almost done but I have to add some more grass around monument. Thank you very much Harv.
  3. It's been some time after last update. Shame to say but model after gloss lacquer was put aside as I just could not resist and do not open/start Smerch model from Meng. Finally time had come to finish MiG. I did some wash on the bottom side, gluing also gear struts: And started wash on top: After this I've painted exhaust nozzle:
  4. John, thank you and I think you are totally right and I know that I'm using this method too often, but I always try to cover the black preshaded elements as much as possible. To level when black is barely visible. Sometime ago I used other metods like cloud painting or panel highlight but so far (unfortunately) preshading gives best results. I know it is easy to create a look where model is or looks like a cheap toy and it can destroy few weeks work. Jim, thank you. I did this for the first time as I wrote, and the only thing needed is a sharp knife and sure hand as I cut them without ruler only by hand. Thank you for the tip with the brush. Those imperfecions are barely visible on model as the total height of numbers is around 22mm/0,9". Unfortunately on photo which is taken close to the model those flaws are upsized. I will try to correct them soon. Thank you very much Matt. Thank you Martin. Thank you. Just before the weekend I managed to paint chaff/flares ejectors: And for the long time I was thinking how to do a nose cone. I did it like this:
  5. Yesterday I started doing an emblem on the vertical fin instead of typical star unfortunately I could not mask it properly. All the time it end up in wrong shape. I found some blueprints of the plane and along with transformed picture of plane from monument I was able to create some masks in Photoshop. Unfortunately i do not have the progress photos only the result: I've painted some details where you spen more time on masking then on painting: And the side numbers. There were two in kit 07 and 57 but I've needed 96, so again using blueprints, orinal photo, printer, paper, and masking tape I've done some my own masks. This is how it looks during painting. Masking, primer, preshading, base colour and additional colour The result is not the best but as for the first time I think it's quite good:
  6. Thank you very much. Thank you Jim. I tried not to over done it as i was worried that it will looks like a toy. The hardest part was to keep all colours at the same level of coverage. You've noticed it - good eyes. Thank you very much. Yeah, camo is quite unique - finger crossed I won't mess it up.
  7. Doors of front gear were corrected (I fill the wrongly drilled holes) and repainted: Time has came to paint the upper part. This came scheme is very unique, it is probably fiction as I didn't found any photo to such pattern or colors on MiG-23. Let's say that this is my vision of monument plane camo and real planes attached by Trumpeter to the kit. Colours are total craziness. I had to mix a lot of colours (and thus waste some) to get the shades I wanted. You can see the result on last photo. Preshading with gray, black and white: Masking for dark grey:: And grey is ready: Masking for blue: 2 of 4 colors ready: Masking for light blue: And ready: Last masking: And finally camo ready:
  8. Damn. It already looks great. I cannot imagine end of this...
  9. Thank you. I will take a look at this website. I hope I will be able to finish it this year.
  10. Thank you Mr b. Zero77 - thank you. I was a little affraid of painting plane with such colours, they fit more to Su-27. I can't recall MiG-23 in blue-grey 4 tone camo but hey, why not. And it seems it was a good choise. As for armament - it will all be revealed soon (I hope) while posting the ready for inspection photos.
  11. I had a little time on weekend to paint, so first "belly" - half done: And with sides painted: Gear flaps and fuel tanks painted:
  12. Thank you Kev. Thank you Jim. I was quite busy lately, as I had to do some additional paint rack and drawers modules (do not have a photo) as previous were almost full. This one is half size of the one already done and have space only for 20 jars of Tamiya paints (it have 36mm holes): Previously made modules are for 45 smaller jars (36mm) and 30 bigger jars (40mm): Finally, armament is ready: And I could finally finish monument, first black then some blue on sides: And rest with orange: Orange looks a little something like this: Some final work on base, so what was this: Became this: The whole top element could be removed so I have now two bases in one. And plane got pre shading on bottom, now I will have to mix some colors and finally paint it:
  13. Thank you very much for your kind comments.
  14. Monument ready for painting: I sprayed model with very thinned Surfacer 1000, then sanded with 1000 grit paper, sprayed again only in some areas not to flood the very thin panel lines: And one of the last dry fit:
  15. Thanks Jim. I'm always trying to be most careful but as you know accidents happen.
  16. Thank you. I like to paint, but I'm always most worried about this part.
  17. Using the photos on Primeportal.net I've added some wiring and plumbing: I glued all the sensors, antennas, Pitot tube, lights, air scoops etc: Right now model is redy for painting.
  18. Thank you Matt. I hope you won't be disapointed.
  19. Small update: I've painted all missiles, bombs etc and I've added wash to those without decals: I've add wash to cart: And I'm still working on the monument:
  20. I ordered dischargers from Master and resin wheels from Armory as the kits parts look poor: And two hours of preshading: And finally cart get some colors:
  21. It was a good day. Starting from some small rocks on the walk paths: Then grass: Then I started preparing a land around the monument: And some test mold from material called progel. It is very easy in use and fully reusable: Then I glued an engine with exhaust nozzle and bottom fin, it didn't fit too well so I had to use some putty: Later I paint and wash elements used to join fuselage halves: They look like this after gluing in place: Dry fit of all elements: Closer look shows that vertical stabilizer do not fit - will have to file it:
  22. Thank you. Ok. Work continues and today some photos related to engine. First parts painted with alclads, some dry brush and white pigments: After assembly and a little wash it looks like this: It's a pity that it won't be visible. Ok. Stay tuned as more photos will be posted tomorrow.
  23. Mike, I used Tamiya acrylics: X-14 Sky Blue mixed with X-28 Park Green and about 10% of XF-5 Flat Green. First two colors were added until I get the desired shade. Sorry that I cannot give you the exact ratio but colors were added for a few drops.
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