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  1. Beautiful work, also following this one with great interest Tolga.
  2. Beautiful and inspiring work Tolga, I'm follwing with great interest, keep going as you go! Cheers from Holland!
  3. Saving some money to buy one soon, Certainly before christmas... As a Dutchman, I'm going for the Dutch East Indies Version. Maybe with the kits' decals, or the Dutch Decals one of two versions in sheet DD32028, which can be found here: http://www.dutchdecal.nl/http://www.dutchdecal.nl/. I have visios in dreams of dioramas with a beach on the shores of Java with boats of locals in the water, or a pier in the harbour of Batavia, maybe some betjak drivers on the road near the pier... So yes, I too may be needing even two of this fabulous model!
  4. Hi everyone, Bought the Academy 12102 F-18C hornet 'Iraqi Freedom' on eBay, but on opening the box there are missing build instructions. Calling the importer of Academy in Holland, UK, Germany or whole of Europe, does not give any solutions, as they all say the box is OOP. Anyone that has build, is building or is planning to build this one that can provide me with a copy, or even better, is willing to sell me the original build instructions? Thanks, Frank.
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