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  1. The Trumpeter Mig-21F-13 can be fashioned as a NVAF machine, the F-7 is the Chinese upgraded version and it has some differences not covered by Pavla cockpit set so, in my opinion, you cannot use that for the Vietnam War GB, maybe a later plane... If you want a pure F-13 drop me a message. Regards. Marco
  2. Hello Frankie, Thanks for the reply. Ok, no "real paper instructions" but may I ask you a copy of the .pdf file? Thanks. Marco
  3. Hi all, anybody could send me a copy of the instruction provided with this Tornado F.1/F.3 conversion? I was able to find one, with fuel tanks too, but the seller said he doesn't have any papers... Thanks in advance for the help. Regards. Marco
  4. I would like one like this: About the windscreen, if you have a master I can make some clear resin copies, I have all the necessary equipment. Bye. Marco
  5. Seems that AdAstra is no longer in business, I sent them a message but no reply after a week, their updates of the site are very old... Probably that means no masks for my F-7PG....
  6. Thanks everybody, plenty of information and also the solution for the Ejection Seats. Really appreciated. Thanks. Marco
  7. Hi all, I have a couple of kits that in my mind should be finished in PAF 2 Grays camouflage, the Trumpeter F-7M and the FT-6, both in 1/32. I searched on line but seems that aftermarket decals are not available, I am wrong or really nothing has been produced for that planes. I remember someone was speaking about some "pre cut masks" for those marking, but I was non able to find anything... any help? Thanks for looking. Regards. Marco
  8. Hello, I have this "old" decal sheet but somehow I have lost the instruction sheet, anyone can be so kind to send me a scan of that? Thanks in advance. Marco
  9. Hi all, I have just opened my plastic bag with a couple of Cutting Edge 1/32 AGM-88 HARM, but the instruction sheet seems not complete. The first page has pictures and text, but the second has only text, even though there are captions for pictures that apparently were not printed. So, my request is very simple, anybody could send me a scan of that page in order to have a proper instruction sheet??? In case of a positive reply I will send my e-mail address. Thanks in advance. Regards. Marco
  10. Hi Carl, I should have solved the problem thanks to a guy who is going to send me the painting guide he doesn't need anymore... Thanks a lot for the help. Regards. Marco
  11. No reply yet from Loon Star, is he still in the bussines? Bye. Marco
  12. Hi Richard, I have sent a message, I hope for a positive reply... Bye. Marco
  13. Hi Richard, is the Malcolm Hood a separate set or enclosed with the cockpit? I cannot find the pictures on LS website... Thanks. Marco
  14. Hi Ralph, probably I have a copy of that guide inbound from a my friend, I think I have solved the problem. Anyway I am not building the Miss Marylin II, coould be someone else with a similar ID... Thanks anyway for the help. Hi hope Tamiya will release a B very soon, till then the Trumpeter is the only option and I will go for it trying to solve the main issues... Anyway, thanks for the wise suggestion...
  15. Hi Carl, thanks, I have seen the images of 199.co.jp they are good but I was hoping for something a little better. I don't know if the page will fit a regular scanner, if that is A4 size it will work for sure. In any case, do not worry, I can wait till you can do that. Thanks. Marco
  16. Hello Kev, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately my kit is the RAF version, even though the plastics are the same the Markings are different. Thanks anyway for the interest. All the best. Marco
  17. Hi all guys, this morning I was inspecting my Trumpeter P-51B kit (Kit #02283 Mustang III) and I have discovered that the painting & markings guide it is not provided... This is a separate sheet than the building instruction, printed in colors on glossy paper. For me a scan will be enough but if anyone has that page stored somewhere, I gladly pay any shipping cost to receive that. Thanks in advance. Regards. Marco
  18. Hi Armagan, I'm Marco from Italy, please contact me if you can. All the best. Marco
  19. In Italy is the same, fees added on the shipping cost too. My last adventure is with a package from Honk Hong, 2 Academy F-18's for a total amount of just $135, well I was charged over an amounf of €200 (I still don't know why, I have an official claims with them) + €50 of tax. Here the retail price is about €140, just €30 of saving. Not bad, but could be better if they charged for the right! Regards. Marco
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