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  1. Thank's Hakan. And something more. I added line on trailing edge. I put the wing on doubleside tape to cripple and join plastic line. Regards Tomasz
  2. Hi everybody! We could see some hayate models on this forum lately, but when I saw beautifull Cruzz's Hayate I thought to show my model. I finished her 6 years ago. We made the same plane but little diffrent in interpretation. I think it can be intresting to show diversity of treatment the same subject by modellers. I made some improvments in my model. First is open engine bay. I had to do new engine cylinders and I also used pe Eduard set. Second are quite new wheel bays because in the kit are to shallow. I also opened cannon and ammunition bays. Ther are some improvments in the cockpit - scratchbuilt new pilot seat. Tomasz
  3. Hi gent's! Thank you all once again for kind opinion. It's encouraging me to further progres of my project. I finished to install last ribs on the tip of the wing. I also made fixing between ribs and spares with rivets. Present look of wing. Nice watching. I like to watch close-up photos, because I can also check my work, like on last photo - I had to glue one of fixings. Regards Tomasz
  4. Hi everybody! Thank's for watching and kind opinions. Today continuation of wing construction. When I made all ribs I started to think about spares. In first version I'd like to make both spares fragmented on parts glued between ribs. I made front spare in this case, but I was affraid of geometry of second one. So I decided to do it in one piece with incisions on ribs. I had to do the same in ribs. I made base with drawing of the wing as always and started to complete structure. First ribs on place. All ribs on place. First fragments of front spare glued to rear part of leading edge. Regards Tomasz
  5. Hi everybody! Thank's for comments. Yes, you are right, lots of hard work, sometimes this is war, an uphill struggle, but satisfactory on the end.Today my ribs factory. I had to make 17 ribs, 15 the same. So I made my template first. I cut it from telephone card. I chose telephone card due to the fact that i took Tamiya thin cement to join parts of ribs. I put my template on metal plate and i attached using Tamiya tape. I made ribs from evergreen struts of diffrent size. Regards Tomasz
  6. Hi! Thank you Hakan for kind comment. Time is ripe for wings. Lower wing for starters. I don't know who came up with an idea to make halves of wing such way. There is seam on bottom surface, so i filled it out ca glue. Surface of wing had to be reworked so i decided to sand it off. I've left starboard wing with full skin. I'd like to show spares and ribs of port side wing on the other hand. Leading edge wil be cut from kit part. So let's begin. I made hole for a holder on the tip. I had to fill empty space after cutting, so i used ca glue. First part finished. First rib is visible on last photo. Description how I made them in next post. Regards Tomasz
  7. Thank's guys for nice opinion. I'm glad that not so popular subject has a resonable circle of spectators. I decided to make starboard stabilizer without corrugated skin, only construction, spar, ribs, leading edge. First I made base with drawing of stabilizer and elevator. It will help me to get correct geometry of parts. I cut stabilizer leading edge and elevator front and trailing edge from kit part. Of course I had to sand off corrugated surface first. Rest parts this is scratch. Regards. Tomasz
  8. Hi everybody! Thank you, my invincible watchers for your pleasant comments. I'd like to discribe my efforts into stabilizers today. There are stabilizers in one piece with elevators in the kit, so i cut them off. I decided that port stabilizer will be left with skin. I had to modify this part. First I made recess in rear part of stabilizer for hinges. I also reconstructed endings of ribs. I modified positive rivets line on surface. Elevator and stabilizer got wearing-irons. i also delicate milled rows on both sides of elevator witch were missed. This is the end of port side stabilizer, for now. I think that starboard stabilizer will be more intresting, but that's another story. Regards. Tomasz
  9. Hi Peter! Your Fury looks very good, even without High Speed Silver. I have to sell my Fury, because I wouldn't be able to do anything more and better. Your Model is absolutly perfect. Regards, Tomasz.
  10. Hi everybody! Thank's gentlemans for kind comments. I made hinges of the rudder to close this subject. I joined tentative fin with rudder using plastic rod as a spindle. When you have built model so long (now 2,5 years) your dream is to see the progress, you'd like to put all parts together. So I made dry-fitting the tail with fuselage. Regards, Tomasz.
  11. I also think that new windscreen is better than first one. We can't affraid off doing something once again. My current project is great lesson for me. Some parts were made two or three times and every time I made it better and faster. We can get experience in this case. Happy modeling. Tomasz
  12. Hi! Thank's everybody for your opinion and watching once again. So as I said we take care of the tail. I fancied fin and rudder with skin from one side and open structure from the other side. There are these parts in one piece in the kit, so i cut them open. But how can i make skin, this is corrugated sheeting. I decided to use kit parts. I took hobby drill with various dental cutter and I had started to thin rudder first. I finished when it was almost like a sheet of paper. I rescribed corrugated skin from inside. For such project like this one kit is not enough. I've got three, god bless it's not expensive. So i cut trailing edge of the rudder from another kit. I made frames and reinforcements from plastic sheet and evergreen. I made the same with fin, but i had to cut leading edge from another part. There is mistake in the kit. Incisions for hinges should be in fin, not in the rudder, so i had to rectify this. Regards, Tomasz
  13. Hi! I think serials are black. Even on the second photo we can see difference between lettering and cheatline. This is the same with underwing letters, they are darker then cheatlines. Regards, Tomasz.
  14. Hi! Thanks for watching and favourable opinions. To continue some close shots of the engine area. For a change I took care of the rear part of fuselage: tail and elevators. I'll try to describe my efforts in next post. Regards, Tomasz
  15. I've observed this thread for a long time and I have to say this is one of my favourite. Very good work with fabulous attention for details. I like this kind of modell building very much. Regards, Tomasz.
  16. Hi everybody! Works must go on. I added some tubes, wires etc lately. Space are more condensed but this is not the end. Many details will appear after joining engine bay with fuselage. Nice watching. Regards, Tomasz.
  17. Greetings! Continuation of my works within engine bay. I made carburator and other parts belong thereto based on photos. I had to touch lower air intakes. They consist of two tubes connected at an angle. There is a smaller tube inside. It was difficult to match intakes to main vertical tube and to carburator. Gunze liquid putty was usefull. Regards Tomasz
  18. Hi Artur! Exelent B-25. I got pleasure from watching this model life.
  19. Yes, you are right. I made straps from thin sheet of styrene (0,1 mm). I glued thin Tamiya cement, place after place. I often use selfadhesive aluminium foil for straps. It's kind of foil applied in ventilation. Thank's a lot for your numerous kind opinion. I'm glad that you appreciate this kind of model making. I will endeavour to intrest you and not boring to much. Regards. Tomasz
  20. Hi everybody! Next part of my fight with the engine bay. Today i'd like to describe one of the most difficult problem in this area - carburator's air intakes. There are four intakes, two on each side, upper and lower. Upper intakes are forked and have slope to the front. I had to keep correct angles of all construction and have ability to locate it inside the framework. I joined both upper intakes with vertical main tube first. I made use of drawings in corell. I glued mesh to the ends of intakes and next i put thin rings on them. I often use ca glue as a putty. I made the same in this case. Next I had to situated this part inside and to join with framework. Intakes were fastened by clamping rings. Correct angel of gradient was very important because intakes had to be perpendicular to the upper bares of framework. This is not the end of difficulties but end of borring. See you next post. Nice watching. Tomasz
  21. Hi! I'm back after break. Next part was oil tank made the same as fuel tank. I added also fuel tank support cradle. Engine is from Vector as i wrote earlier. I added some details, wires. Engine joined with structure. Regards, Tomasz
  22. Thank you for your opinion. I like this kind of model building. Thank's for watching.
  23. I have to think about it!!! I relieved all construction of the base. Parts of fuel tank prepared to assemblage. First I made box from 1 mm plastic sheet. Next I glued skin of the walls. I made rivets, cavities etc. Fuel tank on place. Regards Tomasz
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