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  1. Brian, Your Tiffie looks simply amazing. I have been following your Corsair build and it is truly inspirational. Whatever you can elaborate on the Tiffie would be helpful and inspirational as well. You're really kicking the art of model building and detailing up several notches. My personal thanks for all the motivation you have given me. Ric
  2. Dan, I received my order today. Thanks........everything looks perfect, especially the Mosquito canopies. They are stunningly crisp and clear. Looking forward to the Hurricane seat when you receive it. Thanks again and hopefully everything is coming together for you. I'm posting here in case your email took another dump. Lewis (Ric) McHone
  3. Thanks for the cockpit info. Your photos convinced me to buy a better digital camera. I'm looking foreward to more pics as you progress. I'm sure that we all have more questions. Ric
  4. Radu, You have truly done some phenominal engineering on this build. Earlier you said if anyone had any tech build questions you would answer them so here it goes. You mentioned that you could break down the cockpit into subassemblies for painting. Did you pin the tubular framework to interlock the assemblies without glue? Speaking of the tubular framework. Did you use stock plastic rod or did you turn the section diameters on your lathe per the Bentley drawing requirements? I have a ton more questions but I will stop for now. Oh......what kind of digital camera are you using? The pics
  5. Chris, Sounds like you are having fun. I too use watercolors for washes. These paints are Artist Water Colors. They come in tubes just like the artist's oil colors but usually the tube is smaller in size. They are sold by an artist's supply store. I usually get mine from Dick Blick's Art Materials on the internet. Just do a search for Artist Water Colors at this web address: http://www.dickblick.com/. There are literally hundreds of colors by many different manufacturers. I try to use only Distilled (or purified water) to thin my water colors. This should prevent any hard water deposits fr
  6. Dan Thanks for replying to the post. Apology accepted. I had no idea that you frequented this forum since I am new here. I can sympathize with your position and I see you sympathize with mine. I have my share of family responsibilities but I too have business commitments which rank at an equal level. Be careful. A workload such as yours can have serious side effects. If you still have the Hurricane seat and it is repairable go ahead and ship it since it is part of the set. If not I'll have to wait. I sure can use the Spitfire and Mosquito items. I am looking forward to receiving them. Ma
  7. Hey All, I'm just getting back into 1/32 scale modelling after about a 30 year hiatus. I dug out some of my old Revell and Hasegawa kits that I've had stashed for years and I've got bug again for LSP's. Through this fantastic LSP web site I discovered some incredible aftermarket sets to accurize these old kits. I love Spitfires, Hurricanes, Mosquitos and Beaufighters. When I found Warbirds USA through the articles on LSP, I could see some real model building fun using the great accurizing products Warbirds USA sells, as well as, the help provided by the LSP site and forums. I placed an orde
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