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v1.4 of “Building Mac’s Birddog” Now Available & On Sale!


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I’m pleased to announced that our second title, Building Mac’s Birddog in 1/32 Scale: A Scale Tribute to Macaulay “Mac” Cottrell, by our very own Eric Galliers, has now been updated to v1.4. And to celebrate, we’ve temporarily reduced the price by 30% to a mere 10 Australian dollars!




The update itself comprises a new Contents page with handy clickable links, and some minor layout and typographical tweaks.

As always, existing purchasers can download the latest version for free, while new purchasers will of course receive the updated version. For more information on how this works, please see my recent article on obtaining free book updates.


Here’s what some of our readers have said about this title:


“Outstanding book! love it”
– Raphael Jumentier, France


“…it is surely the best source to build a Vietnam war O-1! Highly recommended!”
– Thierry Laurent, Belgium


“I went through the whole book and I have to confirm that it is the top class product
there is everything – perfect build, interesting story and quality walkaround photos”
– Jan Gabauer, Slovakia


“The Bird Dog book is excellent, got the Roden kit, and it’s been very helpful.”
– Graeme Buckley, New Zealand


So, head on over to our webstore and grab yourselves a bargain! The sale will run until midnight Monday, 1 November.



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