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Ki-43 Reference Material

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I am slowly making my way back into modeling after many years. Some time ago I had posted about the Trumpeter Dauntless kit, but have taken a slight detour. It seems my grandson is very interested in Japanese aircraft from WW2, and I told him I'd build him some.


Now there are several kits here. A Ki-43, Ki-61, and a Ki-84. Nothing like jumping in with both feet...The first one I thought I'd get started on is the Ki-43. I had purchased the Maru Mechanic book, saddened it's all in Japanese, but am impressed with it nonetheless.


There is one slide showing one side only of the cockpit and I was wondering if there might be some other publication with something a little more complete.


Thanks for any information.



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Yes, there is one excellent Ki-43 reference I can recommend to you:  Aero Detail 29    Hayabusa  Nakajima Ki-43 "Oscar" by Shigeru Nohara.  Published about 2000 / 2001ish by Model Graphix books.   It has many detail close up photos of museum aircraft, some period photos of aircraft in use, lots of line drawings, and about a dozen color profiles.   All text is in both Japanese and English.  This title may be very hard to find, but worth the effort if you are seriously interested in modelling the Ki-43. Try the used book search specialists such as AbeBooks.   Also check eBay.   Good luck on your search.

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I like the Aerodetail title too - if you'd like a book (rather than the internet) this is a good one. Look at Hobbylink Japan, who have it in-stock and post worldwide, and have all the other (available) titles in the series too (eg Ki-100 (no.32), Ki-84 (no.24) ).


Have fun




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