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P-51d Puttied wings

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In getting ready to start another p-51 project. This time around, my mustang would of been flown by George Pretty, when it comes to his mustang, does anybody know if his p-51 would of had his wings with putty, or no putty and just nmf. If they do require putty. What would be the best way to tackle this


Thanks for looking


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While I'm always sure never say "never" or "always", it's a pretty safe bet than *any* P-51 that flew in combat in WWII had puttied and painted wings, regardless of whether it was OD/NG or natural metal.

There is no reason to think Preddy's (note spelling) airplane wouldn't have had its factory finish, which would have included puttied and painted wings. In this illustration, the lighter grey areas are puttied and painted, while the darker areas are bare metal. The ghosted panel lines were puttied over, and the black ones were left unputtied.


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