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BoB Gladiator

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Im no expert on the Gladiator but have always loved it.

I know there is only 1 (soon to be forthcoming at the end of this very month) kit out there if it in 1/32.


So my question is this:


How much work would it take to turn this:




Into this:



Gloster Gladiator Mk. II

247 Squadron RAF

Roborough, Devonshire, November 1940


OR this:



Also RAF 247 sq markings from BoB



I know the Silver Wings kit is the "Sea Gladiator" and does come with RAF decals for a Mk II version ,Mk II N 5519"G6A" - 802 Squadron, HMS Glorius, 1939, but I would LOVE to scratch up some custom decals for the 247 squadron that actually operated during the BoB in 1940.


Also from a bit of research ive done the apparent differences according to Silver Wings's Wojtek Kulakowski are


- Sea Gladiator had better engine (more power) - Difference would be NIL to me as I would not mess with the appearance of the provided resin engine.

- different propellers - Scratch built prop?

- Sea Gladiator had additional hook under the fuselage and a dinghy pack - Simple as removing or leaving these 2 things off?

- different control panels - ????? Not worth changing if just a minimal difference in pit controls


Sounds like all it may take is a scratching up a different prop, leaving the hook and dinghy pack off maybe?


For those in the know about the Gladiator and/or the Battle of Britain GB any info is greatly appreciated. :D


Thanks in advance.




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