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Rules of the road.

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That GB will be titled "Under 50" and no, it has nothing to do with our ages. :P

The purpose of this GB is to remind some of us that it can be a blast to glue a kit together and paint it without necessarily going the super-detailed route. So why Under 50? That's the most you can spend. US dollars or your currency equivalent.

That covers lots of kits in our scale, but excludes most of the newest 'super-kits' that simply must be super-detailed. As I look through my stash I have at least three kits that easily qualify, and my stash is small.


Here are the rules:

  • Kit must be 25% or less complete at the start of the GB 'Nuff said there...
  • Strict OOB rules apply! No aftermarket goodies. You can use decals, providing the whole thing fits in the $$.
  • You can spend no more than $50.00 on the whole deal. This is based on current market value of the kits *new* not the 'I got a steal at a yard-sale' price. It can have a retail price that's higher, but the actual price anyone can buy them for from a website or LHS.

Again, the point of this build is to see just how fun it can be to finish a kit and put it on the shelf, like we used to before the AMS set-in. It should be easy to do inside of three months since the rules pretty much prevent going too crazy on the detailing. The number of kits available at this price-point means you can do almost any subject and stay within the budget. The dollar is pretty weak these days so those abroad can get more kit for the money, but that isn't really the point.


And while I can make no promises as of yet, I am trying to get some goodies to offer as a raffle at the end of the GB. IF we have one, the raffle will be based on: One entry per builder who completes a model during the GB. Regardless of how many are completed, one entry is all anyone gets. I have some feelers out to some vendors to see if any are willing to offer anything up. Stay tuned....

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Spada Decals!!!


Spada has come through in a big way with some really awesome decal sheets for raffle prizes!!! The sheets they've sent are all in 1/32nd and cover some really great subjects from WWI to Vietnam. I already regret that I've declared myself exempt from any raffles in the Group Builds.....


EDIT: There is one sheet in 1/28th for a Spad XIII/02


if you're on the fence about joining the group build, this should help. There are two other sponsors on the unofficial list; they've committed but I won't make it official until I have prizes in hand.



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