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Found 2 results

  1. It's been a while since I've posted a build here, and the main reason for that is that I haven't built anything. Last July, I started a Trumpeter 1/32 Thunderbolt, went on holiday in August, and couldn't face it when I got back. My "issue" (read as excuse) was that I'd reached the bit where i needed to detail the engine, with all those fiddly ignition wires. A couple of attempts had me running, screaming, for the hills. I started trying to hunt down some lead wire, but I'm having difficulty with that. So to the Shelf Of Doom it went (hereinafter know as SOD it). Next to be removed from the stash was an SH Yak 3, but that progressed no further than removing the box lid. That was only a couple of weeks ago, and it didn't really float my boat. After this??? Knowing my birthday was coming up and what I was getting, I decided to wait. So here's my next build, something I see as a bit easier than the thrice accursed Thunderbolt. I've also bought an Eduard cockpit detail set and some seatbelts for it, but having seen the kit belts, I may put them aside for a 1/24 Hurricane I have in my stash. The lid was eagerly removed and a few hours spent studying the instructions. First issue: Where's the paint chart, Mr Airfix??? Numbers indicating Humbrol paints don't cut it for me. A search of the wide world of web found a suitable chart, so this is now taped up where it will be useful. My first session involved putting the wing spars, cockpit side frames and firewall together, which was then clamped to the wing centre section for alignment. Next day, the rear cockpit frames went on. As the side frames were a little bent, some careful clamping was needed, but to some degree, it pulls itself back into place. It just needs a little encouragement. The whole assembly was sprayed with Tamiya rattle can aluminium, then the firewall and cockpit frames were painted flat black. After that, the cockpit build began firstly with rudder pedal heel boards and rudder pedals, then adding more bits as per the instructions. I'm presently at the end of page 2. Don't ask how many more to go. I'll probably dull down the black frames with a little dry brushing. Next up is the more intricate cockpit detailing. I have to say this is a fantastic kit. It doesn't appear to be that difficult; it's just that there's a lot off it. My only criticisms so far are the lack of proper paint chart in the instructions and the slightly bent frames, although this is not difficult to correct. Forty parts down, another 480 to go!!! Cheers, Michael
  2. I would very much like to replace the 20mm barrels on my 1/32 Typhoon MK1B I'm building, but cannot find any aftermarket units that would be correct. I see tons for all the wing type of Spitfires and even Hurricanes, but no Tiffy bits. My kit bits are more oval then round and I dont feel like I can save them, no do I want to scratch my own. Any ideas, solutions, etc?
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