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Found 2 results

  1. Dear fellow modellers, yes, me too. After Derek decided to do three (now four) swedish fighters... The Viggen is one of my all time favourite fighters (coming to think about it, there are quite a few "all time favourites"...) and back in the late seventies I built one in 1/96 scale (odd, isn't it?) and with the splinter camo. Hmm. This GB got me thinking and I'll dive into very deep waters here (I will probably drown, but hey, life is short and then you die...). My (hopeful) contribution to this GB will be a 1/24 JA-37 D(I) Jaktviggen. I started reserching the subject and here is what I've got so far: There is Robert F. Dorr's book which, while quite interseting in itself, has not much to offer for the modeller. Then there is Björn Karlström's "Flygplans-Ritningar 2" which has line drawings and a few photographs of all swedish Fighters from 1926 to 1984. The drawings look very good, dimensionally and shapewise, to me and I decided to use the JA-37 drawings as a basis for my build (knowing quite well that you should not trust any drawing, in particular not even your own ones). The upscaled drawing of the book is in the background. Last, there is the AirDoc book on the Viggen. I had hoped for more detail pics (like in Jake Melampy's books), but it is a very good source nevertheless. It has some artwork of nice unit markings that I didn't see before. So, well worth the money (less than 20,00 Euros over here in Germany). And of course I have downloaded tons of pictures from the internet. Still, for a model in that scale you never have enough references, so any links or other hints are more than welcome. I ordered a couple of square meters of sheet styrene (not the Evergreen stuff which is way too expensive), so it can begin . But don't expect anything soon. Or, as some chinese philosopher has been quoted: "Even the longest journey starts with the first step". Nevertheless, I will finish my Viper tail first... Thanks for looking. Rainer
  2. Dear fellow modellers, some of you may have followed my build of a JA-37 D(I) Jaktviggen in the ongoing "Anything but injection moulded" GB. Unfotunately this build is flawed by a severe lack of trustworthy references. I especially need more information on the following subjects: - Cockpit. I do have many pictures but few of the JA-37 D(I) variant - Ejection seat. The pics I have are, let's say, inconsistent. Dimensions would be very welcome - Pylons. No info at all - Stencils and markings - fuselage cross sections. The more I look at pictures the more doubts I have that my own drawings are even remotely correct. I have searched the internet, of course, but the above points are still not solved. So if anyone can point me to (additional) sources of reference I would be very grateful. I do have the following books: - "Flygplans-Ritningar 2" by björn Karlström - "Saab Viggen" by Robert F. Dorr - The AirDoc book on the Viggen I know that there is a new book on the Viggen by Squadron Signal. Can anyone tell me if it answers one of the open points? Thanks for your help! Rainer Edit: Changed "JA-37 (I)" to "JA-37 D(I)"
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