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Found 3 results

  1. I'm not really well versed in the collecting world of patches and such, but internet searching turned up a loads of vendors and eBay items and I'm kind of lost now. As some of you may be aware I'm building a VA-65 Intruder from USS Constellation around 1966. I'm also building a display box for it as it won't fit in my display case.... i'm not really in to diorama's and/or basis, and while a wooden base looks nice enough, I'd like to decorate it with a VA-65 patch (or sticker) and a USS Conestellation one, too. While I don't know a lot about patches and patch collecting I can imagine real 1966 patches are probably not only rare but also come with a collectors price tag? Does anyone have a good link, seller or something for things like that? The VA-65 Tiger does not seem to have changed very much so newer ones could be OK too. I would rather not pay "original" prices for copied stuff. (and what is "original?" in this regard?) I'm just not too knowledgable about this and it seems a whole world of it's own! I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction! Jeroen
  2. Silly me... I've got AOA's excellent "Intruder Sandbox" sheet in 1/32 and recently got a great deal on an A-6E. Somehow, my current VA-65 build makes me want to build another VA-65 aircraft, but in this scheme: AOA decals does a VA-65 Part II sheet with these markings, but for AG-500, whose instructions (review courtesy of LSP, thanks!) state that the aircraft may have been overall FS36440 but were (as can be seen) rather weathered and this is far from certain. While browsing around some this morning for no apparent reason I stumbled upon this interesting shot of similar looking AG-501: It may not have been at exactly the same time as AG-500 depicted in the AOA decals (these aircraft miss the "E" marking near the "S" that AG-500 did have) but at least on my monitor there is a tonal difference between 501 (overall grey) and 511 and the A-7 in the back (both rather clearly still in grey/white). I love the weathered walkways on 501 Seeing this I'm even more tempted to go with this scheme... Any guesses on what the overall colour may have been? Light or Dark Ghost grey? Jeroen
  3. Will be doing another A-6 sheet afterall.... only covering VA-65 Tigers. Will span 25yrs of their aircraft though, starting with their three Vietnam War deployments (including the early camo test scheme and the ill-fated 1967 Forrestal cruise), then into the mid 70s period with their more well known schemes, and the beginning of low viz in the early 80s, and ending at Desert Storm with several options. Both sheets now available at www.AOAdecals.com 32-023 - six schemes covering the high viz period (includes full stencils for one aircraft): 32-024 - four schemes covering the low viz period:
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