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Found 2 results

  1. Hello fellow modelers I have recently discovered a master 3d printer called WJW Design and here is a short review of some of his products. William from WJW Design is producing a wide range of 3D printed holders from paints to glues including the notoriously easy to spill Micro Sol and Set. The first product that personally caught my attention is the modular Micro Sol and Set holder. Because yes you guest it I spilled another one recently. It starts with a magnetic base, to which there are 2 magnetic modules that are inserted to hold the Sol and set bottles and their respective brushes. Once clipped in, the setup if very solid and hold the bottle very snugly. The holder is also high enough so that if you pull your brush out and it snag on the bottle there is no way the said bottle will come out and make a mess! Here is my personal sample of this holder. At the moment of review the retail price is 12.50$usd From that point on I've been in contact with William and he has kindly built me some custom modules to go and interchange with the base. I've purchased a square Tamiya extra thin/panel line wash and a round AK real colors, Mr.Color and Tamiya acrylic . Here is my current setup Paired together the Tamiya extra thin and AK I'm also able to use Tamiya jars, mixed with the Micro-Sol holder (in practice i normally pair micro mask and some thinners in n a Tamiya jar) Other cool products are available like this brush holder (I have ordered one and will update with feedback) Here is a short product and price list. In conclusion, WJW Design holders are printed in high quality and precision, the designs are made in a very smart and efficient way im sure you will enjoy them. to add a cheery on top William is a great guy to deal with and printing, shipping cost and speed are very reasonable I strongly recommend these. I have some new additions in the mail that I cannot wait to try, one of witch is an Alclad II holder module. If you would like more information and even better get your hands-on dome of these great products Look for William Wolfe from WJW Design on Facebook. Cheers Neo
  2. I recently picked up this new circle cutter released by Shadow Hobby. It's a new style of circle cutter without the drawbacks of the much more common compass style circle cutters many of us have and use. It's basically a large cartridge bearing with a plastic (acrylic?) insert mounted to the inner bearing race. There's a non-slip ring mounted onto the backside of the outer race to keep it from slipping. The cutter comes with a single 60° blade which according to the instructions is suitable for materials up to 0.1mm in thickness. There are 30° and 45° blades available as well for thicker materials. There are gradations marked along the slide to assist in setting the needed diameter. The blade is inserted into the holder and then you adjust the depth accordingly. They recommend using a cutting mat under the circle cutter to prolong the life of the blade. I tested it out cutting some circles out of green painter's tape. You basically put the cutter on the tape, set the diameter, rotate it counterclockwise a revolution or two and you're done. The nice thing about this cutter is there is no centre point/hole that you would get from the compass style cutters and it doesn't wobble or slip. It also lets you cut really small circles. This one is just over 1 mm in width as you can see by the ruler. Being able to make circles that small should help for masking dial faces on those kits that have clear instrument panels. I'm really happy with my purchase and if you do order one, I would recommend getting some spare blades at the same time. Carl
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