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Found 3 results

  1. So while I’m waiting on replacement IP decals for my F4 phantom I decided to start on my Hornet. My buddy over in Louisville and I have been looking at these and got a great deal from the LHS! So we bought a pair and we’re gonna work them together although I will be a little slower ha ha i’ve had a picture of the digital camo from the 100th anniversary of Naval aviation in my albums forever and this is a great chance to go ahead and try and do this. It’s gonna be all about the paint as usual for me and I’m going to be doing it with thousands and thousands of rectangles all done in Tamiya tape in order to come up with this pattern! So I won’t bore you with a lot of details but I will try and catch the intricate assembly steps for a couple of the quirks in assembling this kit. here’s the kit on the shelf at the LHS with my buddy’s working on the cockpit of course this week. It’s a nice little subassembly that I felt like I could do in between other things. I’m doing everything pretty much out of the box maybe just a little ad here or there but nothing major. For instance I added some Tamiya tape straps here to accentuate the photo etch seatbelts but that’s almost the only thing I added in the cockpit except that safe latch on the right side of each seat. when I was working on my aircraft carrier I bought some 60 mash flour sifters in order to use for screens and vents. I was looking at the seats in the Burt Kinsey book and thought hey, I have another use for those… and here’s where I’m at today. I used glazes on the seatbelts to try and get a little bit of depth to the color. I used Bondek to make the glass for the instrument panel. Some air scale decals to add to what came with the kit and a lot of little detail painting to close it out. and that concludes the cockpit walk around for this week! Now I rambled on about this cockpit and I didn’t really show you a picture of what that title really means so here’s a teaser, probably for the end of the summer
  2. Afternoon all, I thought I'd have a bash as the relatively new Super Bug from Revell. Yes, I've heard all of the horror stories, but it can't be that bad, can it? Work has begun on the main undercarriage bays and engine intake ducting - all given a generous covering of insignia white and a light wash to bring out, what is in my opinion, some lovely and fine detailing: The various formers were added to the bays and the forward and rear bulkheads needed a firm clamping to ensure everything stayed true whilst the glue set: What has become apparent quite early on is the fact that you need to follow the instructions to the letter, as some test fits have shown tolerances are very tight and the slightest misalignment will end in problems... More updates as and when the mood takes. Tom
  3. https://www.avgeekery.com/meet-the-blue-angels-new-super-hornet-jets/?fbclid=IwAR2DW_bCSEJIctCmwg98TEvFEUuit_W3LPCnH19Hdq-jjP_-XYvM_Clhlik Cheers, Dave
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