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Found 3 results

  1. Well, after much consideration, and complicated by the vast pool of amazing talent on display here at LSP making me feel like l am in the company of master craftsmen, I have decided to post a build log of my first LSP as an adult. A bit of background, like most here I was an avid modeler as a boy, 1/48 was my chosen scale, almost exclusively aircraft, and those were all world war two military aircraft. Then I went away to school, started a career and family, and suddenly, decades later, I saw a modeling magazine, and decided I could use the distraction of another hobby, something I could do at home. I started with 1/35 armor, thinking my fat fingers could re learn the hobby with something larger and less dainty than aircraft. I learned a lot, PE, resin, scratchbuilding, patience, stencils rather than decals, weathering, oil paints, figure painting, and the wonderful community of the internet. Rather than reclusive loners toiling away and safeguarding secrets, I found a worldwide community of people anxious to share tips and techniques. Well, it was bound to happen. At a raffle, I won some wingy things, notably Hasegawa's 1/32 P-47, and I am ready to build it. And blog it. Warts and all. Now that I'm grown, money isn't as tight as it was when I was on an allowance. So I do indulge in aftermarket stuff occasionally, but I like to add details the old fashioned way, too. So let's list the kit and aftermarket I have planned, subject to change should I mess up the kit engine, or decide not to use an AM part: Hasegawa P-47 bubbletop Big Ed PE, including exterior and colored cockpit details. (I will first paint the kit panel, then decide if its acceptable. I will likely need input on that.) Quickboost gun barrel covers RB Productions seat belts Custom masks by Mal Mayfield. I am going with Gabreski's bird, I know its been done to death but I love the colors and I built one in 1/48 that came out well. I plan to detail the kit engine, see below, but that is subject to change if I muck it up. I am aware of some pitfalls, I already filled the wing and fuselage sink marks. I know I need to drop the engine mount by a millimeter, but will likely ask for some help on exactly how to do that. In the past couple weeks, I masked the detail around the sinkholes and filled them. I planned to use Mr Surfacer, but my pot dried up. Luckily, I had some Tamiya white putty. Stinks worse than the old squadron green, but it was easy to work with. Then I started on the kit engine, which is nothing to write home about, but I guess not much will be seen. The detail on the cylinders is pretty soft. I painted the cylinders with a testors non buffing metalizer I had on hand, cant remember if it is steel or aluminum. I did several washes, starting with Flory dark, which didn't want to stick at all, so I switched to some home brewed oil wash, van duke brown and white spirit. Then I drilled for plug wires, and added the oil piping from .9mm lead wire, it's a little fat but I want it to be seen since I bothered to put it there. While contemplating a resin motor, I looked at a lot of resin and photos of real engines, and decided the Hasegawa motor is pretty lacking. The ignition cable assembly is some kind of combo between the round and square cross section. I decided I will build the round, so I cut off the detail and cut some small brass tubing to serve as the openings for the plug wires. I will add the wires next, but here are some photos of where it sits today. I work very slowly, and sometimes I cant get bench time in for a few weeks, then I will log time every evening for a week, so I apologize in advance if updates are sporadic. Boring wing fix Engine work Wedding ring for scale. Even though these parts are over scale, i dont think i can work with parts much smaller. Inter ear drain tubes added. Rear bank, the front ones came out smaller and tidier Dry fit, just to see how it is fitting. I will add ignition wires next. Any comments and criticism are welcome. This is good exercise, but is it worth it? Thanks for reading, Bill
  2. Hasegawa's 1:32 P47D "Slick Chick" 368FG/395FS. Slick Chick will be OOB with exception of belts/wheels/blast tubes and some scratch built M10 bazookas. I started this as a Jug double build last March 2013. Slick Chick took a back seat to the Russian Jug (WIP and Finished) as I wanted to figure out the M10 Bazooka build. Just was not happy with the bazookas I raided from my Trumpy P47N. I have found a build solution for the M10's so here we go. Some images will look familiar for the Double Jug thread, enjoy catching up and new updates. Aftermarket items include: Eduard Belts for Slick Chick Barracuda Wheel set Hasegawa brass Blast Tubes Kits World decals for Slick Chick I put "Slick Chick" in the bin to work on the Revell Bf109G6 late August. Now she's on the prowl and is looking for a party. Follow these threads and catch up on "Slick Chick" WIP. General fit seems pretty good with no issues projected on seams, wing roots...however ENGINE MOUNTS During test fit a glaring issue was the poor fit of the cowling. Basically it is the complete engine/cowling fitting on the fuselage mount. off by about 1mm THE PIT Pit is OOB with exception of Eduard PE Belts. Multiple passes of setting solution needed to get the IP decal to settle. FIXING HIDEOUS Replacing the really thick hideous gunsight.. Cut from 0.13mm clear styrene, scored then folded. Color me happy. Paint crash pad and all done. Need to reset the control stick...it's backwards.
  3. Hasegawa's P47D Bubble Top was used for Frank Perego's mount "Slick Chick". Overall a sound kit and fun build with only issue being having to lower the engine mount by about 1mm. See my WIP log. BUILD DETAILS Alclad II - various shades Gunze and Valliajo used throughout Flory's Wash Thinned brown & black wash followed by Alclad II Semi Matte overall MiG pigments for dirt, exhaust, powder burns on blast tubes and ordnance weathering Added various wires & plumbing in R2800, cockpit, wheel wells, landing gear and bombs Aftermarket items Eduard bomb fins/belts, Hasegawa brass blast tubes, Barracuda wheels Scratch built the M10 bazookas, K14 glass, oxygen hose, fuel lines on drop tank and static wire With flaws too numerous to mention this build yielded some great lessons as my skill-sets continue to evolve. Thank you all for your encouragement and support during this build. June will be dedicated to rebuilding my bench and setting up new photo table.
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