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Found 2 results

  1. I will be picking up the kit box in an hour. Hopefully all parts will still be intact when I get it. I expect to be spending a fair amount of time looking over the parts and doing my best to smoothen them out in various ways, given the 3d-printed nature of this resin build with obviously uneven surfaces here and there. It was tempting to maybe try use metal foil on the model parts, but I sort of don't think I can make the model smooth enough, but I have yet to look at the parts myself, only having other people's photos on this subject matter. Hopefully I can get most the parts smooth enought to get to airbrush on metallic colors. I wrote "slow build" in the title, as I have some other builds going on as well, but I typically start working on new kits as I get them to evaluate them for myself and just try get things going. Paint scheme for this build (ideally): metalic paint (Vallejo metalic range of paints) Other remarks: I finally fixed my leaking air compressor, and so it turns out I had just a faulty air hose all along for the last few years occasionally using the compressor. The crack in the nice looking braided hose grew larger and larger by time, I couldn't find the source of the leak and it was all mysterious to me. How could the nice looking braided air hose fail me? Obviosuly the rubber part inside started to crack at some point, I had no idea. I found the leak by adding soap bubbles/soapy water around the compressor. Also in other news, I also finally think I figured out how to best airbrush on Vallejo primer paint. I typically dilute the Vallejo primer with thinner (for no good reason), however I always had issue with the paint drying inside my airbrush, presumably because having added thinner. Vallejo 'flow enhancer' acts as a retarder, and I should rely on a little of that instead of thinner I think, Also, in other news, for the first time I fully cleaned my airbrush, including bits of paint stuck in the needle canal, possibly contributing to the airbrush acting up from time to time, with reduced paint flow as if something was blocking the flow somewhere around the nozzle (unsure).
  2. Hi everybody, i am really happy to share with you las building on the stash. It's the D558 Skystreak from new turkish manufacturer Jetmads, their kits are made ewclusively with resin and 3D parts !! Fan of this period of the 40s to 60s and the race at speed I was eager to start this device because Jetmads plan to release its successor the Skyrocket and the StiletoX3 later !!!! Finally a manufacturer who dares to do something else !!! A word anyway on the totally innovative content where all the pieces are hung on a support and well protected in a huge block of foam, we feel a certain desire to do well and bring something really new !! The plastic cluster suddenly hangs a hell of a blow of old even if for the moment the 3D parts do not yet have the finish of the injected ... but I think that's just a question long before it surpasses it as the possibilities are greater since there is no longer any need for a mold !! Does Jetmads present us with what the kits may be in the years to come ... the future will tell .... Cheers X15
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