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Found 3 results

  1. Today, Saturday, October 1st, 2022; I have finally started to build my MH-60G Pave Hawk II. The Kit is by Kitty Hawk and has been collecting dust in my basement until I could first build a dedicated studio and receive all the resin accessories i.e. figures, transmission, tail rotor assembly, mini-guns, .50 cal, and much more... Zorro
  2. Hi, The Academy and KH front seats are clearly different. After checking in many books, the seats as depicted in the Academy kits were more 'squared' whereas the KH ones have a back with a thinner top. The supporting tubular structure is also clearly different (far taller in the Academy kit). The KH type looks to be the commonly seen one for many years. This view shows the type included in the Academy kit and Cobra company set: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/UH-60-Blackhawk-crew-seat-employing-inversion-tube-concept_fig2_316581254 This shows the type included in the Kitty Hawk kit: http://www.ara-incorp.com/ARA-UH60-Seat.html So, I'm wondering: was the Academy type actually used as I only found TM views of that one (as the one hereabove or in the Squadron walkaround book)? If it was used, when has the type changed? When the UH-60L production started? During the UH-60L production? Were both types used at the same time? I seriously doubt Cobra Company would have kept the seat as such and just adding additionnal details when they did the effort to detail and create many other parts. I'm really puzzled as even UH-60As (as depicted in the 1994 WWP booklet) have the "thinner" type... Any idea?
  3. So I had been waiting on the kit and soon as it came in I have began working on it. All was going well with the build until I saw the work Pete had done to the ceiling and I was inspired. So I started butting mine and began cutting and filing away. Ceiling is about to the point of primer coat, just a little more sanding left. Originally I was breezing through the kit and it just wasn’t feeling “right” to me and while to cabin door area was nice, it wasn’t as grand in the flight engineer seat area. Debating how to recreate current Pave Hawk seats.(last image)
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