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Found 4 results

  1. White 12 is now complete. Here's a link to the build: Here are the final photos. Thanks for looking!
  2. Greetings fellow modelers: After building a few 1/48 scale kits, I'm back to take a crack at another 1/32 Dora. I've decided on White 12, Wk Nr. 500408 from 5./JG 301. Here's some nice artwork from IBG's new 1/72 release. I tend to gravitate to the Mimetall camo schemes for some reason. I'll be using the Hasegawa ST-19 kit with a number of aftermarket items for the build. The aftermarket goodies include: Aires cockpit upgrade HGW riveting set Eagle cals #32-61 HGW seatbelts Yahu instrument panel One man army stencils Synthetic ordnance works landing gear Quickboost Exhaust Eduard canopy masks Quickboost gun barrels Master metal gun barrels Barracuda wheels Eduard exterior detail set I wanted to use a Henri Daehne spinner and prop kit, but unfortunately Henri has shut down his shop in Germany for good due to the economic situation. I'll have to make do with the kit prop and spinner. Mr. Color lacquers along with Tamiya acrylics will be the main paints used. Here are some photos of the front office, which is now complete. I've also completed the engine plug with some extra plumbing and wiring. Starting on next steps to close up the fuselage. Thanks for looking. Comments and critiques are always welcome.
  3. Hello, all! I decided to actually post a WIP thread for this one, for a couple reasons. First, I was lazy on my Fw 190A builds and didn't really document everything in photos as I went. My computer is slow and it's a hassle sometimes, so I use that as an excuse, but I also need the inspiration of my fellow modelers and that's probably going to be even more important for this build, given the subject at hand. This is one of those planes that, as soon as I saw photos of it, I knew I had to do it. To top it off, I'm trying to round out my 1/32 Focke Wulf lineup and I don't currently have a Dora in the collection. I built the old Revell 1/32 kit when I was young and a few Trimaster/Pro Modeler and Tamiyas in 1/48 scale, but nothing else in the LSP department. I also thought about posting this build in the Air Superiority GB, but there is only about two months left and I'm not sure if I want to put that time crunch into this one (and I might decide to do a quick build of the N1K2 Shiden for the Navy GB, instead!), as I still have a ton of experimentation and testing to do with the late war Luftwaffe colors from a couple of different paint manufacturers. As I explained in my 190A-5 RFI thread, I've recently changed paints (both by brand and by going from mostly enamel to acrylic lacquers). So, I have acquired a good spread from MRP, AK Interactive and Gunze. If need be, I still have some Model Master enamels as backups, but judging by my recent experiences with the other brands I just named, I don't think I'll be needing the MM paints any longer! So, first off, here's what I have to work with, for starters. I will also be using some Montex masks from other sets and may purchase some more, if needed. My daughter also has a Cricut, so I may take a stab at making my own masks, but we'll see. I paid for half of it, so hopefully she can teach me how to run the thing! We have the Hasegawa kit, Eagle Cals decals, Aber barrels for the 13mm nose guns, HGW belts and bits, as well as Quickboost cowl front, late gun cover, exhausts and intake scoop. This kit also came with the small Dragon PE set, which may not be perfect, but I think it will still be an improvement, especially for the cockpit. Now, for the subject. This plane is typically labeled as "Black 3" and there is quite a bit of discussion on the net about what it is/isn't, specifically in how it was painted, but also on it's Werk Number. I know there are experts who have stated their opinions and their reasoning, which seems sound, for the most part. However, as these things usually go, there's certainly some room for interpretation and to add to that, it seems that more photos have become available more recently that answer some questions, but also create more, at the same time. My goal here isn't to determine the definitive final word on what any of that should be. I would rather use input and comparison by others to come up with something I'm comfortable with and in the end it has to fit the way I think it should look, being that I'll be the one looking at it everyday. I'm sure not everyone will agree on all the points of this build, but it's for the fun of it, the hobby and the discussion along the way. As stated, two points of concern for me are the Werk Number and the paint scheme. I'm seeing the number differently as some experts. Maybe it's just my eyes, or the photo I'm looking at to come to that conclusion. The same can be said for some of the colors. I also understand factory paint schemes and official orders, etc. Those aren't necessarily absolutes, however, especially when you're talking late war Luftwaffe. The other issue is that the available photos appear to be taken with several different cameras/film and in varying weather conditions. Many of the photos have a very washed out appearance and others quite dark. What appears to be a clear color line on the plane's belly in one photo (suggesting perhaps bare metal/RLM75 or similar combo) cannot be seen at all in other photos and may just be shadow. The biggest question, however, may be "Was it actually Black 3, or Blue 3?". According to one discussion I saw, the back of one of the veteran photos says "Blue 3". We'll get more into all of this later. For now, here are the pics I have (posting under fair use. I found them on the web and I'm not using this for any financial gain. Quite the opposite, actually!) Hoping to get started on the cockpit in the next day or so and will post pics as soon as I see some progress. Until then, let the discussion begin! John
  4. Dear prop fanatics, for those who are unhappy with the Revell props there is a light on the end of the tunnel. Henri released correction sets, to order/buy via email. 01. VS-5 for Ju 87B-2/R-2 for TRU (3 delivery options available) - only props - props and new spinner - props, spinner & hub 02. VS 11 for Ju 87 D. For REV & HAS (2 delivery options available) - Props with hub and spinner back-plate (spinner from HAS or REV can be used) - Complete set props, spinner & hub 03. VS 11 for Ju 87 G € for REV & HAS (2 delivery options availabley) - Props with hub and spinner back-plate (spinner from HAS or REV can be used) - Complete set props, spinner & hub 04. VS 11 for He 111 H-6, only complete set 2x(propes, spinner & hub) 05. Ju 88 A-4 VS 11 line 3 und VS 11 line 6 --> available over ebay.de. "Baureihe 3" --> line 3 or --> available over ebay.de. "Baureihe 6" --> line 6 06. VDM for BF 109 G-6 narrow props, spinner and hub 07. Bf 110 G/F full set 08. VDM set wide blade for BF 109 G-10 / G-14 / K props and spinner 09. Fw 190 A-9 VDM Wooden props, fan and spinner 10. Fw 190 D-9 VS 111 props and spinner 11. Bf 109 E "Cyber Hobby/Dragon" props and spinner 12. Bf 109 E "Eduard" props and spinner 13. Bf 110 C & D "Dragon/Cyber Hobby" props and spinner You can mail to Henri to order or ask for availability or price, but please be patient if he do not replay immediately as I said his English is poor and maybe he need help from family or he is busy (work or holiday). Henri is a very open minded funny person. It's said that he can't communicate in this forum. Henris email: HenriDaehne@gmx.de Edit 06AUG2017 No selling over EBay only via Email Cheers Ralph
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