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Found 3 results

  1. I bought this model some 15 years ago. It was damaged, some decals had yellowed and the Rothmans decals were missing. As usual, I forgot to take photos of my model before I started the disassembly, but this is how it looks when new : Photo from Carmodel.com, for reference purpose only The interior : Photo from Carmodel.com, for reference purpose only As with most 956 scale models, this one has a seat for the passenger : I started by enlarging the space for the driver's legs : And cut the passenger seat from the frame : I'm covering the interior with aluminium tape. But the result is to shiny. I used Commandant 4 polishing compound to make it more dull. This compound is used to polish, but if you use it with a cottonbud, you can make the alu tape less shiny : The beam in the middle of the floor was enlarged and covered with the alu tape : I still have to add 2 triangles to the beam, you can see the right one in this photo : This photo shows the new panel I made, the hole will receive the scratchbuild fuelpumps : The panel has not been treated with Commandant 4 and shows how shiny the alu tape is before treatment : Will be quite a job to make the fuelpumps, 1/1 scale reference photo : I did a lot of sanding to the bottom plate, removed some plastic and added some strips : Sincerely Pascal
  2. Because I have the Minichamps 956 on my workbench, I thaught it was a good idea to add this one because a lot of parts are the same. I wanted to buy the Minichamps version of this car, but they are way too expensive. Got this one from CK-modelcars for around € 40, pictures from their website : First thing I'm gonna do is change the covers for the front wheels. Solido did a poor job with these : The real ones look like this : The spokes need to be a lot thinner and the hole in the middle needs a smaller diameter. Started by making 2 circles with the lathe : To fix the plasticard in the lathe chuck, I drilled a hole and used one of these to fix the plasticard in the lathe chuck : Used a pipe cutter and a punch & die set to make the alu tube and plastic cover : Removed the Solido cover from the wheel : And drilled out the wheel nut : The new cover fits nicely : What's on the to-do-list for this project ? : Remove the oversized windshield decal and replace it. Use 3D printed vanes for the wheel covers. Add new wheel nuts. Replace (if I can find a good replacement part) the windshield wiper. Add details to the interior, because the doors are functional on this model. Modify the headlights, Solido always forgets the clear round lenses. Drill out the exhaust tubes. Various modifications that will (hopefully) improve the look of the model. The spokes of the pink "stars" were to wide, Dominiek made new ones with 0,3 mm spokes. They are very fragile, out of 20 made just 3 survived transport. Luckily they're strong when they are glued to the discs, each spoke was given a tiny drop of CA to fix it firmly to the discs : After painting the assembled cover white and attaching the decals made by Tim (Thanks again Tim, excellent job !) it was given a HG non gloss clear coat : Looks so much better then the Solido version : The hole in the middle will receive a disc (not yet painted white in the photo). I've drilled 6 tiny holes in the disc and glued pieces of stretched sprue to simulate the nuts : Solido has made the rod running from the gear lever to the back of the cockpit in 1 solid piece. I removed the rod, but this also removed the rivets : Made a new strip from the metal from a wine bottle and made the rivets with an riveter : The gear lever and rod will be replaced with a scratchbuid parts : Used alu tape for the interior, on the left and right side I removed some plastic to fit the modified radiators : The radiators are ugly, I removed them on the one on the right : Use alu tape to box in one of the holes : PE radiator mesh was cut to size and glued to the back. I also made an extension behind the hole on the top right, because Solido had made this without the tunnel : The inside of the radiator assembly received a piece of plasticard (will be painted black) to box in the sides : Sincerely Pascal
  3. Ooooh-hoooo I've somehow ended up with a good bit of aftermarket for this build! That's what brought it to the forefront for my next project. I've just found individual pieces for it cheap over the years and so I decided to go ahead and get the rest that's available for it. Check out the treasure chest I've amassed - From Eduard I've got the self-adhesive placards, slats, air brake, undercarriage, and wheel well sets. For cockpit choice I've got both the Verlinden and the Aires sets to work from. The Aires set I picked up at Nationals a few years ago. last day, last hour and they had the whole table 50% off. Couldn't pass it up. The aires set has canopy and wheel well upgrades in addition to the engine details. It looks pretty good. Honestly I don't know which cockpit tub I'll go with as they both look crisp. Will have to check accuracy for my bird and make a decision. Thats a master Pitot tube in there along with the Zacto nose enhancement for a facelift. Then lastly I was looking at all the Eduard pieces and just didn't like the fuselage PE they had. It all sticks off the surface too much. That's when I remembered seeing an email about Archer Fine Transfers announcing a new sheet. I used their hatches, hinges, and other resin bits on my T-38A and now they have redone the sheet at 1/2 the thickness of the original. This should do perfectly for the access hatches, fuel doors and the like on this AC. I'll post details up on this as soon as possible. I don't think I've seen a review on them yet. There's been alot of these Huns done and I think I have every one of them on a separate tab on my ipad for review as I get going. Given that, I plan to post fewer mid-term updates as most people have seen it all on these. I'll try sticking to the finished assemblies and just post up some details on the new stuff, like the Archer panels and the foiling, especially the Titanium tail and the archetypical bluing and burnt metal look they have!
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