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Found 4 results

  1. Browsing the net for pics of Argentinian wartime Mirages, i stumbled upon pics of a 3D printed Pucará, the groundattack plane used in the Falkland/Malvinas conflict in 1982. It was 1/64 scale.....wait a minute, maybe i could get it double the size? I mailed the attached email and a guy named Luis answered. he is from Venezuela. We sent a few mails and he said he would be willing to modify the 3D files for me and have it printed by a friend (that luckily lives in Europe, better yet in Austria!) for the moderate sum of 110€ including shipping. i jumped at the opportunity, since i like building planes that are not likely being kitted anytime soon. i had him make the canopy a seperate part, 2% smaller so i can vacform a clear part, as well as hollowing out the fuselage to be able to have a scratchbuilt pit and gearwells. that was in the end of July - and yesterday i recieved it. didnt know what to expect, because resolutions can be very different. when i saw the main parts, i was really impressed. i will have to sand, but most parts are pretty good from the beginning. this is what i got:
  2. After the Hun build i briefly thought about starting the Buccaneer, but the decal issue (no gulf war sheet, especially no stencils) and lack of some parts made me reconsider. it still will be built in the near future, but i pulled the Revell Mirage (Italeri reboxing) out of the stash. this will be pretty OOB, because i dont feel like doubling the kit price with the (admittedly very nice) reskit parts. the decals that came from Argentina were allready 38$ with shipping....
  3. Hi. This is my first post here. Im from Argentina. This model represent an specific plane that participated in the falklands conflict. Was piloted by the captain Garcia Cuerva in one of the first encounterd with english planes. It was down by argentine artillery for communication problems with the base. The model used is from the Italeri brand, IIIe in 1/32 scale. It have some modifications comparrd to the french version. The support base is based on the parking area prior to the takeoff of missions, from the Rio Gallegos air base. I hope you like it... Saludos!!
  4. Welcome! Come in and take a seat in the House of Flying Daggers! This will be a double build featuring Revells Mirage IIIE kit and Italeris Mirage IIIC kit together in Argentinian colours. Not to forget a good amount of AM parts! The Revell IIIE will be build as a Dagger in service during the Falklands war. Isracasts conversion to the rescue. The Italeri IIIC will be build as a homeland defender. Argentinia didn't use IIICs? Well, they did! They aquired a batch of CJ from Israel to replace the losses of the Falklands war. These CJs were modernized during IAF service life and got Atar 9C angines and Mk.6 ejection seats. So a Eagle Deseigns Mirage III/5 Atar set will be put into use, as well as parts from Fisher Resins cockpit set. Lets see what we have in the stash: The "blue" Revell kit has gone, but I have a "green" Revell at hand. Still waiting for Italeris kit, that should arrive within the next week. Also added some more useful stuff for the project. Here is what I need to build the Dagger: Kit, conversion set, some more decals (just in case, and for the other airplane too), reference book, brand new paintset for Falklands war, and a pilot. Of course I need a pilot! It's a flying Dagger! Started to cut styrene and to dry fit resin parts. This is intended to be a long-term project, to be finished at Easter next year. So take a seat, grab some popcorn, and take care of the Flying Daggers! Enjoy! - dutik
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