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Found 1 result

  1. A few months ago I embarked on a little venture to try and get the David Union Sanders (D400) into the hands of some fellow LSP members in hopes I could share in some of the joy using this little ergonomic lateral pen sander. I discovered this device while living in Singapore for the last four years. This little precision sander with its multiple head attachments is ideal for working on surfaces and slots, recesses and small narrow spaces. Often I would create a lot of re-scribing and damage with my heavy handedness using a wide width sanding stick. Enough said. The D400 lateral 3mm sander sells itself. Great LSP success. Fast forward a few months later and I am now the US distributor for the David Union product line and I’m trying to introduce these same sanders into Europe/U.K./Australia for additional exposure. I have the same pricing as David Union and purchasing these items on my own and trying to ship them into Europe with the appropriate wall plug in attachments. Covid 19 did not help in this endeavor but this is another story. A few have made it into Europe and Im excited to see what we could do in group orders for them! Recently, I have been asked to see if there would be interest in their mini ergonomic pen routers. The D300, D360 ACCU and D360 elite. I sold several recently and direct referrals from David Union, yet more importantly I wanted to try these out for myself before agreeing to sell them for DU. I now own a D360 ACCU which is 1/3 the size and weight as a Dremel tool. I was informed the D360 ACCU would be the replacement of the D300 eventually, however that has now been delayed for a while longer. Good news. (I’ll explain below). These devices are low start up RPM and ideal for drilling and yet go up to 12,500 RPM. The torque is much more limited in the low RPM but your not going to be melting a lot of plastic doing the things you need to get accomplished! D300 retails for $80 USD plus shipping. D360 ACCU retails for $65 plus shipping. D360 elite retails for $89 plus shipping. ( TBD). M series collet set is $15.00 USD 2.35mm, 3.0mm and 3.175mm. The D360 ACCU comes with one collet. I can’t really recommend this router "as is" without a three piece collet set sold separately for an additional $15.00 USD. The reason for this recommendation is the largest collet set is 3.175mm which will fit most if not al,l Dremel bits. The D300 has two collets with the devise but has a precision head that will accept the smallest diameter drill bits. This kit also comes with a limited assortment of additional grinder and cutter bits. I don’t own this devise but it's the biggest band for the buck currently if you wan to use it form really small drilling operations. The D360 elite. I don’t know much about this devise but its more expensive than the other two devises. (Retail $89.00 USD plus shipping). I have a few of these incoming this week and will tell you more details about them when they arrive. Drop me a PM or visit my sites and I’ll be able to provide more details if interested. Thank you for your great support.
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