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Found 3 results

  1. After a few days mulling over my next project, I've decided to tackle Tamiya's A6M5 Zero. Mine will be a Nakjima built aircraft, and probably a carrier based plane too. This will also the only large scale Japanese aircraft I will have to go on the shelf of done. When I get there, that is. Just like Rome, my models are not built in a day. I bought this kit locally in September 2020 and immediately started to acquire some aftermarket bits from Hannants. Once I've bought a kit, I usually start looking for bits to enhance it as soon as possible after purchase, especially in kits like this which were released a while back. Here's what I bought for this one. This lot should slow the progress down nicely . I've also made a printable copy of the tweak list on this site, so between the kit instructions, the Eduard instructions and that tweak list, I'm not anticipating a quick build. Added to which is the fact that this kit is a little toy like in some of it's features, one part of which I've already assembled to satisfy my inner child. So after about three one hour sessions at the workbench, here's what I've got so far. The silver is Tamiya rattle can AS12, the aotake (did I get that right??) is daubed on with a brush and I've added my first etch pieces in the form of the green RDF tray and it's support brackets. I've also been drilling out lightening holes in the cockpit and two of the various bottles that seem to adorn this plane. My next step will be to paint all those parts in Nakajima interior green, then I can start on the cockpit. It seems I can put the fuselage together without the cockpit, which can be slid into place later. That should be interesting. Since this is a Tamiya kit, it should be a fun build. However, what I know about modelling Japanese planes would barely occupy a postage stamp, so please stand by for silly questions. All help/suggestions/criticism gratefully accepted. Cheers, Michael
  2. My next project. It's way too long since I built anything Tamiya, so here goes. Most of the after market I will be using on this. The Master gun barrels are actually left overs from the Spitfire XVI I built for the Colour My World Blue group build. I bought two of these and used the cannon stubs from both kits for that model, and I'll be using the main cannon barrels from one in this build and the other will be used in the Spitfire IX when I eventually build that. I've spent a little time today drilling out the lightening holes in some of the parts, but still have a ways to go with that having otherwise had a fairly busy day. I hope to get to some gluing and painting in the next couple of days. Cheers, Michael
  3. Hey everyone, long time no talked, Since I built that baby OOB 4 years ago, I always wanted to do a NAM Raider a bit different than the usual one we mostly see.... And had that one stalled in my stash for quite a while.... And then came AOA came with this sheet........ hummmm, why not peanut.. And most particularly this one... Ohhhh YES...... Iron rain you asked, Iron rain you'll get....lol. with a touch of heat..... Didn't get all my goodys yet and still have some more to order but want to keep it a very simple, built and no fancy scratch at all..(anyway, I'm no good at scratching stuff....lol.) Going to use: this up mention AOA decal sheet, AMS Prop, wheels and Napalm canister, Master's barrel and Aerobonus pilot. More picture than talking I will... wan't to keep the odds in my favor to finish this GB in time.. So hope you'll enjoy and will start posting picture soon. Quick and easy, that's my new mojo. Dan.
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