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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I started this project some years ago but it is still a "long" work in project. I've always been fascinated by this plane. I guess that it is possibly because it was the final Spitfire iteration used in British-led operations and also because this is a mysterious topic. Mysterious? Yes, indeed. You'll be surprised to see that so few books cover this final variant correctly. Most scale plans have many major errors, technical manuals are nearly impossible to find, no walkaround has ever been published and the only survivor is not in a museum in UK but hidden in a US private collection and has been deeply modified to go on flying... :-((( So, with regard to references, without a major effort, I cannot say that the context was favorable...! And with regard to the kit? Well the situation is not really better! We have the Matchbox/Revell Mk22-24 and some resin parts but they do not cover all Mk47 idiosyncrasies... So, the hunt for parts intended to save time was already a project! So globally, what is currently in my list of items: - the Matchbox kit - the Alleycat FR47 set and its previous Brit bits iteration - the Mastercasters Mk24 cockpit set - the MDC Q-type harness - the Warbirds (now Greymatter) Mk22/24 airframe update set and the Seafire drop tank - the SAC copy of the Tamiya landing gear legs - the rockets from the Hobby craft Sea Fury - some MR models lenses for the camera ports - one resin British camera from Silver wings - the Iconicair Mk22-24 cowling update set plus tons of plastic sheet, rods, strips, aluminium sheets, etc. etc..... and a good set of scribing tools! Some of the items were purchased after the project started. We will see how it is possible to put all those elements together. I also hope to clarify some blurry matters. Next step will ask for pictures!
  2. OK, I'm in, having bought two Bearcats just for the engines, I have enough bits and bobs about to hack at least one of these kits together, and hopefully rekindle my acquaintance with my airbrush, before I go and mess up the Swordfish!! My idea is to use a Sea Fury prop, enlarge the rudder and wing tips a bit, put Brit Triplex 300lb rockets and cannon fairings, maybe replace the wheels and tyres if I can enlarge the wheel bays a bit, and finish it as a Korean period strike fighter. Tim
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