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Found 3 results

  1. Gentlemen, The start of my 32nd scale F-86D being imminent, I'm already pondering over my next project. I've built a good many of F-4s in both 72nd and 48th scale, but now I've got a notion it's highest time for a large scale Phantom II. So far I've got a TAMIYA F-4E plus "tons" of aftermarket stuff from Cutting Edge, GT Resin, DMolds, Steel Beach, Master, Eduard/Brassin, Wingman Models et al. I've always wanted to build a Keflavik-based 57th FIS F-4E in posh "ADC Grey" aka FS 16473 Aircraft Grey livery. However, pretty much the same goes for a JG 71 "Richthofen" F-4F sporting the notorious experimental "Wolkenmaus" wrap-around scheme. Much to my regret, it's rather a matter of "either...or" than "both...and". The "contenders" are... 57th FIS F-4E, Keflavik, Iceland, 1978: JG 71 F-4F 37+51, Wittmund, 1976: What do you think? Which of the two would be the one you'd fancy most? I'm totally on the fence...seriously. TIA Erik
  2. I had the opportunity to spend some time with the folks from Sierra Hotel Models while attending the IPMS Nats. Great folks all; Michael, Patrick, Casey and Rich. Unfortunately Erik was unable to attend so maybe next time. Here are some photos of their “revised†Intake/Ramp set for the latest tool Revell F/RF-4C/E/F. I say revised because they have replaced the engine “face†with a newly tooled piece.The new piece is totally redesigned with blades set for the proper direction of rotation CSIDG “bullet†fairing and support struts. The detail is IMO totally awesome see for yourself. I have included a couple of pictures of both the new on left and the original offering. Exhaust Nozzles and AB Section in next post
  3. After a wonderful response for the albatros plans, i decided to make a thread for my question as well. For another future planned long-long term project im thinking of a german F-4F. Since the Revell has one in 1/32 scale, but it is not really a clean build, also it has lots of cosmetical errors im thinking of converting the tamiya's kit. After brief review of all kits in their range I determined that the most accurate variant is F-4EJ. The only modifications required to turn it into german phantom would be: Slatted wings (resin), and elevators without the slats (will try to source one from the C/D kit - that is if someone would have them). Are this all the major modifications, or am i missing other bits and pieces as well? Or would it be wiser to get the revell kit afterall? Also, if i would like to make slattless elevator, is it enough if i cut (or fill) the slots on the original tamiya parts from the EJ kit? Marko
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