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  1. Thanks Rocky! Yep, had a 4 layer chocolate cake (it was barely structurally sound, and almost toppled over. and tried to whoop it up as much as possible in my old age. Whelp, I've pulled off the decal tutorial in the forlorn hope I might be able to finish this off before the deadline. Should be able to finish,....if something doesn't distract me.....again. Already had most of the drawings for the decals drawn up, so I figured it was about time to plow ahead and put them on. Gave this beast a gloss coat and started cutting up my new decal sheet I printed up today.
  2. HURRAY! Congratulations on surmounting all the obstacles and bringing this build over the finish line!!!! Turned out magnificent(as usual), .....and what a cool paint-scheme, and gnarly skulls. I like the missing teeth. Bet this makes an interesting size comparison with all your jets? heh heh. This is going to make a nice addition to the gallery pics for this GB for sure! Can't wait to see what you start on next dude. Later, Russ
  3. All this is a mute point anyway. I just wanted to show that any image can be imported into Paint no problem, but if you want scaled decals(by not importing a larger image than your canvas), and crisp images(Ididn't even show what would happen to your images after you did the 'saved as' thing with different formats) you've got to follow a few simple steps......using your free paint program to get these variables to lock together. Illustrator and Photoshop don't have these limitations, and that's what you're paying the big bucks for when buying them. BUT! Paint is fully capabl
  4. I re-sized the image to be smaller, then went up to the 'image' button....scrolled down to 'attributes'.....and look what it did to my original 8.5x11 inch image. My canvas is now the size of the image I imported before reducing it. Even if I type in 8.5 and 11 in those boxes,....it won't go back!
  5. Image slid down to show my drawings underneath, and how it re-sized my canvas. Compare the white area with previous views above.
  6. Now i click on that 'inches' box(or Cm if you're looking for metric size) to see what this image is sized at it's 96dpi resolution.
  7. It's so big, my drawing is completely covered up.....and Paint has re-sized the canvas to be able to view the entire image. Gaaaaaah! While it's up....let's do the 'image' scroll down 'attributes' thing to see what the pixel size and resolution are for this pic.
  8. Open up my decal canvas in Paint again.....go to 'edit' then 'paste from' remember? Then find my image on the desktop and click on it to get the name to show in the box and hit OK.
  9. Now back to importing an image into Paint that has MORE pixels size-wise than your image. Remember my original is 581x752 pixels, and when I run my mouse over this image I created(it's my avatar) it shows 860x871 pixels. A bit bigger.
  10. Code letters on the bottom are untouched, and this is zoomed out a bit more. See how the eye 'blurs' them into looking less jagged? Now, zoomed out to 1x magnification. See how it 'smooths' things out? Cool, huh? You'd be amazed at what a few pixels of color will do to make an image look almost perfectly 'photographic'.
  11. Alright, now as ya'll can see....it's possible to import an image from a different format and view it/size it/move it around even at a different resolution. My original image is 581 x 782 pixels, and she was 210 x 312, so the image fit onto my canvas OK. I'm going to show what happens when I try to import an image that has MORE pixels (not per inch....that's resolution) than my original image. But first, while ya'll have her pixellated image above fresh in your minds.....I want to show how I can fool your eyes with making a lower resolution image 'appear' higher with a bit of color.
  12. So she's a different resolution, and a different format from my original image. Let me show you how to bring an image onto your canvas from anywhere on your computer. First i open up my drawing that I've already 'saved as' an 8.5x11 inch 68dpi image in .tiff format.
  13. Alright, abbreviated lesson today is how to import an image into Paint. I'm leery of doing this, because there are so many ways to mess up it would make a very confusing and long discussion. I'm going show ya'll how to do this during this weekend after I get my slide-show organized and put together. This is just an overview of how to do it, and some of the pitfalls. Again dudes, it's real easy to do,....it's just hard to explain why you're doing what I tell you, and not do things another way. Here's some examples. We're going to use that pic of Phil's new girlfriend, and anoth
  14. GAAAAAHHH! Already causing problems Matt?! Great, now you woke up Derek and I've got to buy everybody plane tickets to Brazil so we can use Phil's new girlfriend for an artistic model. Hey, this thread is for ya'll so I'll wander down any tangent paths anybody here can think up. We can bounce around as much as everybody wants! It has been quite the experience seeing the difference between the Mac I have , and the PC I hooked up to 'see' what you 'see' doing these decals. Especially without any specialized software or 'stuff'. First thing I want to mention; DO NO
  15. OK, I printed her out on a piece of 'crack and peel' paper to be able to cut her out and stick her to the side of the 110. This concludes my demonstration of how to use your printer and a piece of paper to create a ruler on your paint canvas that matches the ruler in your hand. Excuse the crude drawing, this was just an exercise in sizing not image quality. I'm going to go pass out now. These lessons really take it out of me, sheesh. If anybody has a better idea for universally sizing every type of monitor to a ruler......wake me up tomorrow as I'd love to hear i
  16. I wanted to call it "Hi Sailor", but I'm too tired and in a big hurry. DRAT! Not in a big enough hurry to give her a few more enhancements first.
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