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  1. I did find one for mixing to make some RLM colors but the brands aren't available in my LHS. Go figure. They had some Tamiya sprays but none of the brands or types below. Aeromaster Enamels Aeromaster Acrylics Gunze Acrylics Tamiya Acrylics Humbrol* Xtra Colour
  2. I'm slowly building up my rack of paints but there are so many more I have to get. In the meantime, is there a site that details mixing to get close to needed colors? At 3 to 4 bucks a bottle, I need to pace myself. Thanks, Chris
  3. Well, I finally finished my first "larger than 1/48 scale" aircraft. Was good for some practice as I work on my group build 1/32 Mk.22/24 and Bf 109G-4. Just a little short of LSP I think but now I'm motivated to do the big stough. here's a couple pics. I couldn't get the damn stripes so in honor of my service in the Army, I did my own thing. I'm ready to do some spotting for the artillery.
  4. Thanks guys, very helpful. I'm going Saturdy to find the parts to adapt my compressor and get the AB items I need then I'll be set. Probably brush my smaller stuff but these 1/32 kits have a lot of square inches. C'ya
  5. Since I made the descision to move up to LSP's I knew I would probably have to use an airbrush to get optimum results. I do have one, it's just older and I do not have the paint bottles, hose or compressor any longer. I will get what I need, just may be a bit. Can a nice finish be accomplished brush painting? What is the best technique and paint for large areas? Is Testors rattlecan okay and what about commercial rattlecan paints like Krylon Fusion for primer or solid satin finishes? How about the Rustoleum Camo colors, they come on OD, tan, brown and black? Oh, I have a shop air compressor, is there a regulator or hose attachment available to scale down to the smaller hoses used with airbrushes? Thanks in advance for any info. Chris
  6. Guess I'll give it a go. Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk. 22/24. Stock photo.
  7. Chris H

    Come guys!

    Edited....threw my hat in, I think I can finish in time. Spitfire Mk. 22/24. Pretty airplane, hope I can do it justice.
  8. I think I'm the other guy. Just today I bought my second LSP, a Spitfire. My Bf 109 will be sitting on my desk when i get to work Monday and I'd like to do a Stuka as well. Great info. I really don't care too much which one I end up with but since I'm not much on aftermarket detailing I'll get the one rated best for OOB. Thanks for a great thread.
  9. Not a big Luffwaffe fan but I guess it will be a good one to bust my LSP cherry with. I'm sure there has to be a paint scheme somewhere an LSP guy hasn't done yet. Hitting the LHS this weekend to see what other big birds to tackle next. Chris
  10. ProModeler Bf 109G-4 should be in in the next couple of days. I'd love a chance to win an awesome kit like that P-40.
  11. Chris H

    Bf 109Z

    Well, before I looked at the web site I was trying to understand the reason for the double sets of landing gear. Not any more. That's some crazy stuff. Some are probably pretty ingenious, but some make me think the designer needs a padded room.
  12. Chris H

    Bf 109Z

    Anyone done one of these in 1/32? Crazy looking plane. I saw a conversion on the Modeling Madness
  13. Well, after reading the suggestions above I was able to find reviews on several of them and ordered the ProModeler Bf 109G-4 from someone I've bought other kits from. Only set me back 23 bucks still sealed. Reviewer did it OOB but since I got it at a good price maybe I'll look up some aftermarket goodies as well. Looking at all the Bf 109 paint jobs, I probably better look at investing in an air brush. Although, I did see a bare-metal 109 that was awesome. Thanks for the help, now get back to building.
  14. My little 1:34 Tri-Pacer is moving along but it was basically free so now that I've read most of the post on this site I'm trying to decide on my first LSP purchase. I am most interested in WWII fighters like the Bearcat or the P-39 Airacobra but I've never really shopped for larger than 1:48 before so I want my first to be a nice kit, just not requiring a mortgage. I guess mainly brand recommendation is most important. Good out of box, I can learn the hard core detailing later. It would be nice to see a B-25 or A-20 in 1/32, man that would be big. Thanks, Chris
  15. I did a little 1/48 Bearcat a while back that didn't have a spinner. Seen some pics like that too.
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