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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you for your messages, I'm glad you like it. It's moving, certainly not fast, but it's moving forward. The rear partition with the seat. See you soon, Sweety
  2. Hi all, Not much in advance these times. The bottom of the cockpit is almost finished. See you soon, Sweety
  3. Hi Out2gtcha, Thank you for your message. Sweety
  4. Hi everyone, What's next? The footrests. The compressed air bottles for the hydraulic manual pump. Initially I wanted to add a welding cord. Teflon masking. But I did not like it, too rude and I can not make cords of welds thinner. The aluminum straps, bof bof! I've done it simpler, anyway they hardly will see each other. The oxygen bottle is also missing a welding cord. There it's easier, bigger!
  5. Hi Archer Fine Transfers, Thank you very much for your advice it is very useful to me. Sweety
  6. Hi everyone, A few elements to furnish the bottom of the cockpit. The joys of cleaning resin parts. We're going to have to get out the engraver's stalls. To make an old hydraulic pump. The broomstick with the toilets in Boyington. The rudders. See you soon, Sweety
  7. Hello Ade, Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me and share your experience with me, I really appreciate it. I agree with everything you told me, I realized an F-16 with the Vallejo, than an F-14 with the Gunze and now I’m starting with the MRP. I was using the MRP Primer which seemed thinner than the AK Primer, I will listen to your advice and redo some tests with the AK Primer. I was degreasing with Isopropyl alcohol but I will follow your advice and return to washing liquid. I’m also going to try to dilute the MRP less. I know that i
  8. Hi Out2gtcha and Nmayhew I’ve been using the MRP paint for a short time. The MRP paint has a superb surface condition and an impressive range of hue, easy to apply, in short a very good product. I point out that I’ve used this paint only on resin for the moment. I tested several primers from different brands. Hanging the paint remains problematic on this resin, Gunze or MRP! With Gunze paint if a gluing breaks, the paint is ripped off just under the gluing, simply stick back at exactly the same place. With the MRP paint if
  9. Hi all, Not much in advance because I had problems with the MRP painting, I had to strip and to begin again several pieces. I think I've wasted enough time with this product and I'm going back to the Gunze. As half is already done it was a bit complicated to make a mixture of several shades of Gunze to have a similar hue for the other half of the cockpit. The reconstructed pipes. Sweety
  10. Hi Thunnus, It's demoralizing to see your masterpiece, you've set the bar very, very high. It's absolutely beautiful. Sweety
  11. Hi everyone and Happy New Year 2020, The bottom of the cockpit. The pipes removed. Une couche d’AK pour le chipping. Une couche d’AK pour le chipping. Painting and ready to receive the new pipes. See you soon Sweety Last year I was on the brink but this year I will take a big step forward
  12. Hi everyone, The new pipes are placed on the front bulkhead of the cockpit. Making a few flanges to fix the pipes. A bientôt, See you soon Sweety
  13. Hi Thunnus, I'm speechless ! What a mastery it is magnificent. Hats off the artist. Sweety
  14. Hi all, A big thank you for all your messages, I'm glad you like it. I started by removing the pipes and other details, which are placed on a body underneath. Originally After See you soon and I wish you a great Christmas. Sweety
  15. Hi LSP-Ray, Yes, I'm going to use the Barracuda decals.
  16. Hi everyone, Cockpit Eduard, that's what's going to keep me busy for a while. Just like the engine the details are beautiful. See you soon, Sweety
  17. Hi everyone, A big thank you for all your messages. The engine is almost finished. I'll leave it at that for now, I still have to skate it but I will do it when the time is right to put it in the fuselage to match it with the whole. In addition I'm a little tired of this engine which, I must admit, has put me a few times in trouble to realize it. Plus I can't wait to start the Eduard cockpit. S
  18. Hi everyone, Thank you for your messages it's nice. Candles must be Cubits with this version. I used the Eduard resin candles that I cut in half and pierced in order to pass the ignition cable to achieve the elbow. See you soon, Sweety
  19. Hi everyone, Extended intake pipes. I used Maskol originally intended for masking to temporarily fix my exhausts without sticking them. It's surprisingly very effective. Painting the exhausts. Don't panic ! I didn't shot the Christmas reindeer!! This engine will make less noise !!! See you soon Sweety
  20. Hi all Pipes on the heads of the cylinders. Regular formatting of the 18 pipes with an improvised folding machine. Set up the wire. Push the counter-piece. And here are 18 regular pipes Setting up the cylinders. The admission pipes are too short. I want to leave the engine hoods open and the pipes are too short which bothers me. I've extended the intake pipes.
  21. Big thanks! I hope that my posts with Google Translator will be comprehensible Sweety
  22. Hello everyone, For version 1A. The magnetos of the Eduard Kit will be replaced by the Bendix magnetos of the Tamiya Kit. As well as the distribution ring. Creation of notches to adapt the Bendix distribution ring of the Tamiya Kit Painting of the engine block slightly weathered for the moment See you soon, Sweety (Google Translate)
  23. Hello everyone, I am new on the forum, excuse my English because I use Google translation. So far I have posted montages on French forums only, despite the language problem I have joined the Larges Scale Planes community that I have been following for a long time and which I appreciate very much. Your criticism, remarks and advices are welcome for me in order to progress in this Hobby. I started a Corsair F-4U 1A some time ago. I'm going to embellish this Tamiya Kit with the Eduard cockpit and engine.
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