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  1. yes Andy I do mean those frosted clear parts they supply I don,t want them crystal clear just enough to see the internal structure otherwise what is the point of them being in the kit if this cannot be done maybe I could cover them with some woodgrain decals I have seen if not to difficult otherwise its paint or leave off all together as usual any thoughts mark.
  2. the clear parts are described as having a satin finish you can see through them a bit but they need to be somewhat clearer if I dip them in future what is it and how do I go about it not very good at this sort of thing just learning as I go a long your thoughts gratefully recieved
  3. Hello I am about to start the SWS 1/32 horten 229 and was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how I could make the clear parts somewhat clearer as they are fuzzy and I would like to see the inner working of this kit any thoughts would be most appreciated.
  4. Hi ringleheim I have done it brought the kit and got a free concept note arriving tomorrow shall soon see what I am in for ,just wondering though how to get all the plastic exterior of the model to shine so everybody can see the internal structure more easily any idears
  5. thanks very much for the info Larry maybe I need to have a re think about what I intend to do these decals sound quite difficult to use ,perhaps I could try using the woodgrain overlays to give the same or near same effect what do you think
  6. thanks for the very useful link to the site for 1/32 ZM Horten 229 using uschi woodgrain decals the pictures are fantastic but I was wondering how difficult it is to use these decals are they much the same as any other decal thanks for the welcome again any thoughts much appreciated
  7. hello all I am going to buy the above aircraft in 1/32 scale and was wondering if anyone has built this model and used Uschi van de rosten woodgrain decals as I thought I would use them on the under surface instead of painting any thoughts would be most appreciated
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