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  1. Hi, Sadly I have no photos except what is already available on the Internet. It seems that my grandfather did not take a camera with him to Italy for his second tour. Like you, I have been struggling trying to find suitable references. I have only one photo of BZ965 after the overhaul to work off which shows the mission markings towards the end of its service life. The background in the image appears to be black and I presume this is where the decal manufacturers have extrapolated to come up with the brown, green and black camouflage for the aircraft. For the interior I have n
  2. I am looking forward to following your build. My grandfather flew 11 operations as an A.G./Dispatcher for 301 Squadron in BZ965 as part of his second tour between October 1944 and March 1945. The period he flew in that aircraft was after it underwent an overhaul and emerged as GR-V.
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