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  1. Thanks for the input. Come to find out (stupid me for not checking) the kit I bought does have a pilot with it, though it is made from rubber. I may remold it and make it out of resin for better durability.
  2. When searching eBay/online all I have come across so far are either British or German 1/24th pilots. I'm just seeing if there are any American pilots out there, even if it's Navy I can modify it.
  3. Hi. I'm fairly new to posting here so I am unsure where to post this, but I am trying to find a 1/24th WWII American pilot figure for my 1/24th P-47 model I am planning to start soon. Everywhere I've looked has either been 1/32nd or the Ultimate Soldier 1/18th pilots. Any help is appreciated.
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