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  1. I just missed getting a Zacto set before it went unavailable. Just before, I picked up the kit, got a cockpit update set, decals but now I only need to Zacto update. I'm hopeful it is released soon too.
  2. Thanks Bill! PM sent. I appreciate your help...Merry Christmas!
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum but have watched it over the years. I picked up and old Revell Harrier kit a couple of years ago and it doesn't have decals or instructions. I think I can piece together decals for it and can probably figure out how to put it together but it would be much easier if I had the instructions. I think the kit is 4718 but I'd settle for any of the versions. I guess as long as I'm at it, if anyone has a line for decals for it, I'd be interested if finding out where as well. I have looked at Gene Nollmann's great build here and I could only hope I could get mine half
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