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  1. Presenting my go at Academy's new-tool 1/72 F-14A Tomcat. Overall it was a decent build with good detail. Aftermarket used were Fine Molds plastic seatbelts and decals from a re-boxing of their old-tool Tomcat. She is built as Fast Eagle 107 of VF-41 "Black Aces" just after the infamous 1981 Gulf of Sidra incident in which this jet and another VF-41 Tomcat, Fast Eagle 102, shot down a pair of Libyan Su-22 Fitter attack aircraft. Mark
  2. Here's my rendition of Tamiya's recent iteration of the iconic P-38 Lightning. I dressed mine up to represent "Miss Virginia" which was involved in Operation Vengeance; the aerial assassination of Admiral Yamamoto who was the mastermind of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The kit fell together really well with minimal filler used for seam lines. However, the kit decals were a tad thick. For aftermarket, I used PE seatbelts by Eduard and metal gun barrels by Master Models. The wire antenna was done using 0.1mm copper wire, brass tubing and rigging fibre by Infini. The kit was painted wi
  3. Been working on this one on and off for a while now. It is the much lauded Tamiya rendition of the venerable F-14A Tomcat. The kit was built with the addition of Fine Mold's plastic seat belts and weighted wheels from DEF Model. Painting was done with Mr Color lacquers and weathered with enamels and oils. Decals from the kit but they were a little thick. With superb engineering, this kit was a joy to put together. Feedback welcome and hope you enjoy the photos!
  4. Just got my kit today. The fuel ports are still on the wrong side of the spine. Quite unsurprising actually. One thing that did surprise me was the inclusion of the air-refueling probe in resin. Of note, the regular nose isn’t supplied so you only get the shark nose. Mark
  5. Thanks for the kind words and warm welcome everyone! Mark
  6. The Raytheon MIM-23 I-Hawk is a medium range, radar-guided surface-to-air missile system developed in the United States. It is used by the Republic of Singapore Air Force's 163 Squadron as part of the island-nation's multi-layered air defence network. In service with the RSAF since the 1980s, the system is slated to be replaced by the Eurosam SAMP/T aka Aster missile system in the near future. This model was built from the AFV Club I-Hawk kit and slightly modified to represent a unit used by the RSAF. It was painted with Mr Color lacquers and weathered with enamels and pigments from AK I
  7. First post here on LSP. Here's my rendition of the Hobby Boss Flanker kit. Built generally OOB except for the seat which came from Wolfpack-Designs. Painted with Gunze lacquers and weathered with enamels and oils. Decals from Begemot. Hope you enjoy the photos! Mark
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