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  1. I would buy any A-20 version, as well as the C-47 and specially the SM 79. 1/32 B-29, really not caring if I have to sell the car and move out of my room to build one. Will buy. I agree with Rog, a Do 17Z is an overlooked subject in 1/32 and I think it would be a best seller. The missing link on the major BoB german bombers. Appreciate the comments about HpH moving from single to multi engine subjects but I wonder if a Hurricane Mk.I would not be a good seller either. I keep hearing people not being able to find the Pacific Models´ kit for sale very easily and the Revell one seems
  2. Hi Andy. Have you tried gloss coating these areas again? I had the same problem when letting Mr. Mark Softer sit just a few seconds over my Future (Pledge) coat. I let it dry and airbrushed another coat of Pledge over it and the milky stains were gone. Henrique
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